Reclaimed wood idea for warming up an interior wall.


Home Bar Near Detroit, MI

Wood is a biophilic design element that brings a bit of nature to the indoors. Reclaimed wood paneling brings visual interest to a room whether it is installed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Each board has its own unique grain patterns and tonal variations. This home bar in Troy, MI radiates warmth from the play of natural light across the wooden boards.

Reclaimed wood siding on a new pool house to create instant aging.

#2 no wait aging

Pool House in Malibu, CA

Some projects call for an “established” aesthetic. When a building needs to look like it has been aging in place for decades you can use naturally-aged reclaimed wood siding instead of chemically treating new boards. Siding from Centennial Woods has been naturally distressed in the mountains and high plains of Wyoming for 10 years as slats on snow fences.  Buildings instantly look aged in place once reclaimed wood siding is applied. Available in shiplap, tongue & groove, bevel lap, and straight edged boards for side-by-side or board-on-board installation.

Reclaimed wood siding in contemporary design.

#3 contemporary contrast

Designed by Barret Architecture Studio

When reclaimed wood is viewed on its own it is often viewed as something rustic. When combined with other materials, unique shapes, and colors it becomes something else entirely. Glass, metal, stone, and tile can change how the look of wood is perceived. In this photo the matte, powder coated metal, large windows, and arched roof line make this reclaimed wood siding look right at home in a contemporary architectural design.

Reclaimed wood paneling used as a facade on a fireplace surround.

#4 modern farmhouse

Living Room in Evergreen, CO

Chip and Joanna Gaines’ show Fixer Upper brought shiplap, open shelving, word art, and over-sized décor items to the forefront of popular American design. The use of white with limited black accents are some of the defining attributes of Modern Farmhouse. Reclaimed wood and other repurposed objects fit in quite well with this style as seen in this photo with reclaimed wood paneling used as a fireplace surround by Alexa Interiors.

Reclaimed wood wall from Centennial Woods behind a Shawn Rivett sculpture.

#5 classic rustic

Antler Sculpture by Shawn Rivett Designs

There’s a reason why reclaimed wood is often associated with rustic design – because that’s where it started! In the American frontier everything was reused whenever possible. People would use the wood siding from delapidated outbuildings as wall coverings because that was all that they had access to. This tradition continues throughout the West, especially in mountain communities like Aspen, Park City, Steamboat Springs, and Jackson Hole. Centennial Woods is where you can easily order the classic grey wood planks for a new or newly remodeled mountain home.

Reclaimed wood walls and ceiling in a walk-in closet.

#6 spruce up your storage

Custom Closet with Reclaimed Wood in Charlotte, NC

A walk-in closet is a glorious thing!  Most have ample lighting and logical storage solutions. Additionally, 99% of walk-in closets have smooth, white walls. Why not mix it up like the closet seen in the photo? Add some character with reclaimed wood planks installed on the walls or ceilings, check out some finish and color ideas from our online store.

Reclaimed wood used as an architectural accent.

#7 architectural details

Designed by Surround Architecure

Beauty can be found in all sorts of styles on different buildings. The Sydney Opera House is mostly monochrome, but its shapes reminiscent of sails brings it to life. Glass skyscrapers have simple profiles and outlines, yet visual interest is created by how the changing environment is mirrored by its series of repeating windows. On a smaller scale, apartment buildings and office parks can get lost in the shuffle design-wise. Thoughtful architectural accents can bring visual interest as seen in this photo. The designers chose reclaimed wood and a mix of other building materials to create a façade with some real pop.

Reclaimed wood paneling in Tiato Santa Monica seen on season 10 Curb Your Enthusiasm.

#8 connecting outside to inside

Tiato in Santa Monica, CA

A great example of marrying outdoor and indoor design can be seen on HBO. On season 10, episode 7 of Curb Your Enthusiasm the restaurant Tiato was part of the episode’s story line. Centennial Woods’ reclaimed wood planks most of the walls and were highly visible in the scenes filmed in “both sections” of the restaurant. If you get the chance to dine there one day, check out the courtyard that also features outdoor living structures incorporating our reclaimed Wyoming snow fence wood. #RespectWood

Reclaimed wood used in net zero building projects.

#9 contrasting color and texture

Designed by Cadiss Architecture

Contrast is key when you’re using multiple materials on a building’s exterior. Reclaimed wood paired with warm stone and aged metal creates a contrast of color and texture. At the same time, the board and batten siding draws the eye upward along the elongated profile of the house. Reclaimed siding from Centennial Woods is a carbon-negative product that is perfect for use in net zero projects like the one in this photo from Fraser, CO.

Reclaimed wood shelves from Extreme Makeover Home Edition episode 2.

#10 reclaimed wood shelves

Watch on HGTV GO

Reclaimed Wyoming snow fence boards are safe for indoor use and certified GREENGUARD Gold by UL for low chemical emissions. The pieces of wood we use in our home décor shows off the natural grain texture and knots revealed after years of exposure to the fierce Wyoming wind. These shelves are a perfect accent for entryways, bedrooms, offices, and living rooms. Our leather strap shelves were featured on episode 2 of HGTV’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Reclaimed wood accents for outdoor living areas.

#11 outdoor living accents

Outdoor Kitchen in Clovis, CA

The deep grain and color variations of our reclaimed wood boards make a great accent for outdoor living areas. Our Cooper Cove planks, reclaimed from the Elk Mountain area of Wyoming, were incorporated into the Reeder family’s home exterior, children’s play area, and outdoor kitchen on episode 4 of Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Modern reclaimed wood ceiling design.

#12 look up

Reclaimed Wood Ceiling by Modal Design

Mid-century design brought a focus on wood to the previously ignored ceiling. The look of boards installed side-by-side on a ceiling is now classic and widespread. Recently, we’ve seen some wonderful ceilings where the wood is installed in a herringbone and other patterns. In this photo the wooden ceiling is taken to a whole new level. The ceiling itself is multi-planed and everything but 90 degrees. These obtuse planes and angles are highlighted with our reclaimed wood planks in the Laramie finish.

Reclaimed wood wall in New York City.

#13 the city meets the wild west

Design by Rodriguez Studio Architecture

A reclaimed Wyoming snow fence wood wall, ash cabinets, and colorful design elements all come together in this beautiful New York City loft. Light grey wood cabinets stand out beautifully against the darker grey reclaimed wood accent wall behind them, brightening the room. At the same time, the lighter grey cabinets have a sleeker, more polished finish to them, which contrasts nicely against the more rustic and varied reclaimed planks on the wall behind them. Together with the brick outer wall, the reclaimed wood in this open kitchen results in a fun and functional transitional style.

Reclaimed wood wood wall installed on a kitchen wall in Colorado.

#14 modern rustic

Design by Alexa Interiors

Recently, there is a lot of innovation in modern rustic design. Pictured, beautifully weathered reclaimed wood becomes a focal point of a room with a mostly contemporary look. In this case, the textured grain and the variated grey and brown tones in the wood has been paired with sleek white cabinets and floating shelves in this Denver area kitchen.

Reclaimed wood siding Denver, CO.

#15 picture perfect contrast

Old North by Surround Architecture

Lighting design, large picture windows, and cool tones of  grey wood siding make an ideal contrast in the Old North project. The warmth from within this home paired with the grey of the wood capture the eye’s attention. The use of rectangles in its design language makes each individual component stand out and individually shine simultaneously. Learn more about the renovation of Old North.

Centennial Woods maintains the largest source of reclaimed wood in the world. We have a continual supply of wood with a consistent appearance ready to ship anywhere in the world, year after year since 1999.