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Grey, beige, and “greige” are modern classics in design. Neutrals create just enough interest, yet pair beautifully with other colors and finishes. This look toward neutrals comes a focus on things natural such as reclaimed wood. Wood floors, grey cabinets, and wood exterior siding and interior walls with natural, biophilic finishes and patinas are becoming de rigueur in homes and commercial design. Reclaimed wood complements most contemporary color schemes, especially reclaimed wood from recycled Wyoming snow fences. Use the following 15 reclaimed wood projects to inspire you to rethink some of your spaces and upcoming projects.


#1 Exterior Textures and Depth

Grey reclaimed wood home exteriors bring out texture and depth.

Reclaimed wood pairs beautifully with different materials such as aged corrugated metal for a home’s exterior. The contrast in finish and color keeps this home from getting too overwhelmed by warm tones, while still preserving the rustic appearance. Using the grey wood in a board-and-batten style accentuates the lines of the home, and continues the pattern of the metal. Together the two materials give this contemporary home a naturally weathered look.


#2 Warm Depth, Cool Tone

Grey reclaimed wood home exteriors bring about warm depth and cool tones.

Reclaimed snow fence wood doesn’t have a solid, matte finish so it’s possible to have areas of the wood’s natural warmth showing through. In this case, the board on board wood siding on the pool house contrasts nicely with the water. Knot holes, streaks, and natural aging elements add a lot of dimension to the structure’s exterior, and surprisingly reclaimed Wyoming snow fence boards can double as architectural driftwood boards. Wood rarely weathers evenly, which brings an element of variability and surprise to each project.


#3 Contemporary Contrast

Grey reclaimed wood is great for contemporary contrast.

Paired with rust-colored metal panels and lots of glass, reclaimed shiplap siding can be the perfect contemporary contrast in color and material for an exterior. Here, the grey wood color softens the appearance of the glass and metal, making the building appear more approachable. Recycled snow fence boards can be milled in a number of different styles to complement the building such as bevel lap, board on board, or side by side.


#4 Weathered Perfection

Grey reclaimed wood has a character of weathered perfection and looks fantastic on tiny homes.

Many homes with a natural wood finish have a warm, brown tone to them. In this case, however, the grey reclaimed wood makes the home appear to be more naturally weathered, while the color complements the metal door, giving the entire home the look of being perfectly placed in nature. Small cabins such as this one often look better when they appear to match their surroundings. This home is open to the elements, which makes the grey exterior appear natural and more in keeping with the area than a more traditionally stained wood tone would.


#5 Rustic Uniform Interiors

Reclaimed wood sourced from recycled Wyoming snow fence boards can create stunning, uniform rustic style interiors for homes and businesses.

Naturally distressed wood is just as versatile as other wood products. In this bedroom, the material is used throughout the interior. Grey wood cabinets and bookcases appear to be organically fused to the walls, while the grey hardwood floors blend in perfectly with the walls and ceiling. Log cabins, resorts, and other rustic buildings often need an interior that can effortlessly blend in with the building’s exterior. In this case, the reclaimed wood boards create the perfect backdrop for the room’s furnishings, while easily complementing the rest of the home.


#6 NATURAL Exteriors

Grey reclaimed wood siding gives a home exterior an air of serenity.

The natural beauty of reclaimed wood has a soothing and serene appearance that makes the home appear to be gently weathering in the outdoors. Cladding the home in grey wood planks makes the perfect transition from outdoors to in. The wide planks used in this installation strike just the right note between the large plate windows. The clean lines of the wood match the glass, while the soft tones of the grey keep the exterior from looking overly modern or “finished”.


#7 Make Details Pop

Grey reclaimed wood makes the other exterior details of a home pop.

Rather than constructing a building entirely out of traditional wood products and colors, use naturally aged, reclaimed wood as a way to make architectural details pop. In this case, the grey becomes the backdrop for the bold red door and aged metal. The natural warm undertones in the grey wood are also picked up by the warmer, lighter wood accents, tying these elements together to create a beautiful, cohesive design for this home’s exterior.


#8 BLENDING InteriorS to ExteriorS

Using grey, reclaimed wood as an element of continuity between the outside and inside of a home or business.

The soft tones of the grey wood work beautifully indoors and out. In this case, the same planks can be used to construct walls that create illusions that the home is larger than it really is. At the same time, the natural variation in color from plank to plank brings in some additional warm tones that match things like the flooring indoors and the corrugated metal roofing outdoors to bring both halves of the design together. This symmetry between outdoors and in makes it difficult to see where one area leaves off the next area begins.


#9 Contrast in Color and Texture

Grey reclaimed wood siding brings about a contrast of color and texture in home design.

When you’re using multiple materials on the home’s exterior, you want to ensure that they contrast each other enough to stand out. Reclaimed wood paired with warm stone veneer shows off the details of this home to perfection. At the same time, the board and batten style of the siding picks up where the columns leave off below, drawing the eye upward and elongated the profile of the house. Given the way that this house is located just before a hill, the combination in both color and style allows the home to easily mimic its natural surroundings.


#10 Gain Texture and Depth

This biophilic reclaimed wood shows off its texture and depth on an interior loft wall.

Reclaimed Wyoming snow fence boards are a biophilic design element that are VOC free and give off no off-gassing which allows for offsetting the depth of the wood slightly and exposing its edges. These pieces of wood have also been cross cut and allow the natural texture and knots to show through. Paired with the uneven placement of the planks on the wall, the area becomes the perfect accent for the entire room; no other design elements are necessary to help bring the wall to life.


#11 Exterior Versatility

Use grey reclaimed wood for architectural exterior versatility in conjunction with a living green roof.

Reclaimed wood can be used nearly anywhere on the home’s exterior when treated with Centennial Seal™. In this case, the deck and siding, and details are all done in reclaimed shiplap as to make it appear that the home is rising right up out of the hills. For contrast, the garage is clad in vertically installed planks. Additionally, the aged snow fence boards are used for constructing a railing for the deck and casements for the windows. The result is a unique looking home which still retains some traditional overtones.


#12 Innovative Ceilings

Grey wood, salvaged wood, and reclaimed wood is often used by top designers to create unforgettable ceilings.

Ceilings are often overlooked for their design potential. It’s becoming extremely common for homeowners looking for ways to elevate a room’s design to look to the ceiling as a way to bring additional color, interest, and style to a room as a whole. This herringbone-patterned reclaimed wood ceiling captures the eye in a way that perfectly complements the light fixture. Explore more examples of reclaimed wood ceilings here.


#13 Numerous Shades and Depth

Reclaimed wood from Wyoming snow fences has colorings with numerous shades and depth that is similar to barnwood without the health risks that barn wood can pose.

Wyoming snow fence reclaimed wood cabinets, wall planks, and flooring all come in numerous textures,colors, and shades. These light grey wood cabinets stand out beautifully against the darker grey reclaimed wood accent wall behind them, brightening the room. At the same time, the lighter grey cabinets have a sleeker, more polished finish to them, which contrasts nicely against the more rustic and varied reclaimed planks on the wall behind them. Together with the brick outer wall, the reclaimed wood in this kitchen results in a fun and livable transitional style.


#14 Rustic Modern Design

Grey wood is a poplular medium in rustic modern home designs.

Rustic modern and rustic contemporary designs are getting a lot of attention these days. Reclaimed wood with its beautifully weathered finish is the perfect complement to a rustic/modern buildings’s exterior. In this case, the grey wood has been paired with rusted metal, concrete, and plate glass to gain a lot of additional interest, color, and style over the entire structure.


#15 Picture Perfect Contrast

Reclaimed wood as an architectural medium has picture perfect contrast on Old North by Surround Architecture in a Denver neighborhood.

When you want to show off special features on a home’s exterior, such as these large picture windows, the cool tones of the grey wood siding make the ideal contrast. The warmth from within paired with the cool tones of the wood help to capture the eye’s attention. The fact that the rest of the home is sided in another material helps the reclaimed wood to stand out even more, really turning this particular wall into an accent feature for the entire house.

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