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How to Nail Minimalist Interior Design


From the tiny house movement to the hygge rage of 2017, minimalism has found a place in the hearts and homes of design and home decor lovers all over the world. Minimalist interior design isn’t just the practice of “doing without”. Rather, it’s the act of incorporating intentional, unique elements into a room–accents that can stand alone and tell their own story without the assistance of busy surroundings.

Reclaimed or repurposed wood has risen above its country chic beginnings and is bursting into the minimalist movement as a streamlined, efficient, and eye-catching design element for 2019. We’ve compiled a list of tips to not only nail minimalism in your home, but also to get ahead of the design curve with the natural, earthy element that is reclaimed wood. Read on, and read carefully, because your friends are going to be asking you for design help in no time.


Exposed Trusses on Ceiling - minimalism.

Have you ever heard the term “white space”? Also known as “negative space”, intentionally utilizing the empty spaces around your key design pieces can help balance out your decor, declutter your living spaces and let your design breathe. Ahhhh.


Modern Kitchen Table Paired with Reclaimed Wood

Let your architecture and interior design do the talking as opposed to utilizing cluttered decor and knick knacks. Consider a bold feature wall made of repurposed wood or an eye-catching biophilic ceiling to break up clean, white walls. Bonus: there’s no struggling to hang a picture frame straight or to patch holes in the wall after your sixth attempt.


Minimalist interior design is achieved in this modern/rustic design.Photo Credit: Jill Neubauer Architects

Minimalists gravitate toward neutral color palettes like whites and grays for a reason. These color schemes are timeless, airy, and—you guessed it—they keep it minimal. Centennial Woods’ Laramie finish is a perfect minimalist design choice because of its coloring–which can only come from reclaimed wood.


White-wash mountain shelf made from reclaimed wood by Centennial Woods in Laramie, WY.

As we said before, minimalism isn’t necessarily all about “going without”. We could never go without our mountain shelves! Hold tight to your favorite decor pieces and style them with intention (just not all 236 of them).

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