If you’re looking to install a reclaimed wood wall you need to be aware of two different installation methods. The first is peel and stick and the second is the traditional technique using glue and nails. Peel and stick wall planks have a double-sided tape on the back for sticking to a clean and smooth wall surface. Glue down planks have a raw wood backside and use a construction adhesive along with finish or brad nails to adhere to a clean and smooth wall surface. 

Peel and Stick

A peel and stick plank of reclaimed wood.

?Requires Less Tools
? Easier to Install in Small Sizes
? Can Be Installed on Various Surfaces
? Adhesive Can Fail In Hot/Humid Spaces
? More Expensive
? Can’t Adjust Once In Place
? May Warp or Cup After Installation

Traditional Glue and Nails

Traditionally installed reclaimed wood.

? Requires More Tools
? More Difficult to Install
? Can Be Installed on Various Surfaces
? Glue + Nails Rarely Comes Loose
? More Affordable
? Can Reposition Before Using Nails
? Nails Prevent Planks from Warping or Cupping

Additional Thoughts

Peel and stick wood only requires a pressure roller and a saw to install and a smaller project can be completed quickly by just one person. Glue down wood planks take longer to install if it is a larger project covering more surface area. Both types are permanent once installed – one way around this is to install hardboard or plywood over the wall first and affix it using a minimal amount of screws. Once the hardboard/plywood is secure the reclaimed wood can be applied using either method.

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