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Reclaimed wood that comes from the snow fences in the plains and mountains of Wyoming has unique grain patterns and textures from the forces of nature. These unique patinas give warm accents to the interiors of spaces as paneling, furniture, and wall decor. Although this weathered look often comes from salvaged lumber from old barns, bridges, factories, and warehouse palettes – we recommend using wood from snow fences as it has never been subjected to chemicals and is naturally insect-free.

 Custom furniture and decor is a popular way to make use of reclaimed wood and give it another life. The use of unique planks of gray-hued wood with natural markings, nail holes, knot patterns, grain designs, grooves, and imperfections make the furniture stand out visually. Utilizing repurposed wood is not a new idea. The original settlers of the Americas recycled and refinished weathered wood for centuries out of necessity. Today, craftsmen use it to create charming and creative pieces of furniture and other décor.

Salvaged, repurposed, or reclaimed wood also adds to the “green” aspect demanded by many of today’s consumers. Also, the sustainability created by the sun, snow, wind and other harsh weather elements is appreciated in the finished products. Bringing authentic, elegant, rustic furniture into your rooms enhances the natural beauty of the décor in your home, office, business, or mountain vacation home. You don’t have to cut down existing trees when salvaged wood has spent decades waiting to be used again as part of a functioning environment. Shop reclaimed wood decor here.