Since we are a small company in the least populated state in the union we are currently cautiously operating. We put together some shelter-in-place suggestions for our own employees who are at home with their kids and the millions of others in the same situation. Here are our ideas for keeping the restless busy:

1. Grow a Home Herb Garden

Some perennial favorites are chives, thyme, rosemary or oregano. A couple easy growers from cuttings are basil and cilantro. Consider, parsley a biennial that blooms and “goes to seed.” Some veggie ideas include radishes, microgreens, strawberries, spinach, and even potatoes.

2. Learning and Self-Improvement

Read a Book

Been a while? We have you covered with some curated reading suggestions:

OR ask friends and colleagues for suggestions on your preferred social media channels.

Our Staff Recommendations:

Tyson, Business Development Manager- “A real page turner, with a dark twist”

Jeff, Account Manager- “I typically gravitate toward books intended to guide professional development, so poetry book sounds like a nice change of pace from that. Not to mention, The Man In Black was a legend.”

Take a virtual tour of museums around the world:

3. Online Entertainment

Audio – Design Oriented Podcasts: 99% invisible, the Observatory, Design Matters, Archispeak – find these and more on your devices built in apps or checkout Stitcher or Shopify.

More great general interest suggestions from the Ladders:


Video – Design Oriented Documentaries:

Top 50 Films on Netflix:

Top 50 Films on Amazon Prime:

4. Art Projects

Ideas for kids include using household items like paper for origami or paper airplanes. Ideas for adults include mosaics with old tiles, pet rocks (think 1970s), or “learn how to draw” YouTube tutorials.

5. Declutter/Deep Clean

  • Clean out that closet you’ve been ignoring.
  • Organize your garage for spring.
  • Go through the fridge.
  • Clean those bathrooms you’ve been dreading.
  • Mop that kitchen floor that’s been staring you down for weeks.


*PRO TIP for Decluttering: Watch Marie Kondo on Netflix. Not sure what that is? Find more information here


*Cleaning agent suggestions:

Soap, water, and elbow grease.

Bleach (use with gloves)- 4 teaspoons to 1 quart of water. Spot test if using on colored fabrics.

Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol (use at least 70% and don’t dilute) –  Use caution, it can discolor some plastics.

Clorox wipes– use enough so you can see liquid on the surface you’re cleaning for at least 4 minutes.

6. DIY Projects

If you’re looking for some relief from boredom while stuck at home take on a new project or something you’ve been putting off. If you’re a small businesses owner and have the means to keep employees busy while closed to public this is a perfect time to take on a new project.

Paint or panel your walls and/or ceilings (if painting make sure you have adequate ventilation before you start). If you’ve ever dreamed about that reclaimed wood feature wall, consider ordering our reclaimed wood wall paneling online.