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Six Ways To Utilize Shiplap

If you’ve ever watched an episode of “Fixer Upper” or if you’ve been paying attention to design trends over the past five years, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of a little thing called shiplap which is wood paneling made of wide boards with notch and rabbet joints so boards fit flush and tight against one another. Spacers are often used on the HGTV show to create a gap between boards. Centennial Woods makes Shiplap with a Nickel Gap option that has a built-in gap of ⅛” by milling one notch shorter than the other.

Neutral and timeless, shiplap looks great just about anywhere. Commonly painted white by Joanna Gaines, we prefer our shiplap to make a statement with reclaimed Wyoming snow fence wood. Here are a few ideas on how to use shiplap to make your next home or design project stand out.


  1. Wainscoting

    Photo Credit: HGTV

    In this beautiful room by Joanna Gaines herself, natural wood shiplap is used as wainscoting. Recreate the look with our Yellowstone finish, and don’t forget the details with DIY wooden valances over your home’s windows as Gaines did here.

  2. Create a Focal Point

    Add an eye-catching element with a reclaimed wood shiplap fireplace or entertainment center surround. We love the way this Centennial Woods client contrasted their exposed brick fireplace with a custom finish.

  3. Go Modern Rustic With An Accent Wall

    Incorporate warmth and texture into a modern aesthetic with an accent wall made of reclaimed wood shiplap, the way Jill Neubauer Architects did in this Cape Cod home.

  4. …Or An Accent Ceiling

    Hello, dinner party goals. Give your guests something to talk about with a beautiful accent ceiling made from shiplap in a herringbone pattern.

  5. Mix Patterns

    There’s nothing quite as striking as complimentary accent patterns in a home. We love the way the marble fireplace in this Park City, Utah home brings out the gray hues in our Laramie finish shiplap.

  6. Take it Outside!

    Loving the look of our wood paneling so far? Try shiplap on your home or business exterior, so everyone can see your design skills.

From modern farmhouse to industrial, shiplap has been experiencing a renaissance that we’re totally on board with (no pun intended).

Keep the inspiration going, share your Centennial Woods shiplap ideas with us by using #CentennialWoods on social media–you just might get featured by us or have the chance to win our annual photo contest.

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