Benefits and Care

Wood has been a popular flooring for centuries because of its high durability and easy maintenance. Wyoming reclaimed snow fence flooring is a wood floor that lives and breathes history. Each piece of wood used to construct the flooring is unique and no two are truly identical which gives the floor its own character. The reclaimed wood features nail holes and a wide diversity of color patterns. It is unlike any sustainable wood flooring in the world because the boards are a piece of the rugged history of Wyoming and they represent sustainability at its best.

Reclaimed wood floor from Centennial Woods in the Sweetwater finish.

Tongue and groove flooring made from sustainable, recycled Wyoming snow fence planks.
The reclaimed snow fence wood flooring is highly durable and easy to maintain. With just minimal care its appearance and shine will last for generations.

Dry Mop, Sweep or Vacuum — Usually high traffic areas benefit from dry mopping, sweeping or vacuuming to pick up dirt and grime. Allowing dirt to build up on the wood’s surface can scratch the floor’s finish and eventually cause damage to the wood. If you opt to vacuum up the dirt from your wood floor, never use a vacuum with a beater bar or the bar might mark the floor. It is best to hand-sweep a wood floor using a soft bristled broom.

Throw Rug and Furniture Placement — You should rearrange throw rugs and furniture to allow the entire wood floor to age at the same rate so its overall appearance always remains the same and the flooring looks impeccable.

Pet Nails — If you own pets, it is best to keep their toenails short and filed to prevent scratches on the wood floor’s surface.

If would like to learn more about our reclaimed sustainable wood flooring please contact us. At Centennial Woods, LLC. we take great pride in providing a product that will be enjoyed for generations.