Reclaimed Wood Paneling

Naturally Weathered Gray Boards

When you think of classic reclaimed wood, chances are you picture Centennial Woods’ signature gray boards (the Laramie finish.) Our reclaimed wood is naturally weathered for up to 10 years in the Rocky Mountains and high plains of Wyoming. Our boards are naturally distressed at high altitudes by the freezing winter wind and unrelenting summer sun. Unlike barn wood, reclaimed wood is safe for indoor use without the need for being heat treated in a kiln.

Low in Volatile Organic Compounds, insect-free, and have never been chemically treated or exposed to barnyard animal waste like some barn wood.

The Laramie finish is available as reclaimed wood paneling,  weathered wood siding, and interior/exterior shiplap. This finish is often found in spaces with a Modern Organic, Farm House, Japandi , Rustic, Classic, Mountain, Boho, Cottage, Coastal, or Earthy style.

Mountain Separator Image

Explore Additional Colors and Finishes for Reclaimed Wood

Wood planks in the Cody finish from Centennial Woods.
Wooden wall planks in the Cheyenne finish from Centennial Woods.
Wall planks in the Saratoga finish from Centennial Woods.
Barn wood in the Sundance Red finish from Centennial Woods.
Rustic wood in the Wheatland finish from Centennial Woods.
White washed wood paneling in the Sundance White finish from Centennial Woods.

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