Reclaimed Wood Siding for Commercial Building Exteriors

Photos of Siding on Restaurants, Shops, Boutiques, Stores, and Buildings

Reclaimed wood from recycled snow fences can be seen as siding on buildings in countries from all over the world. Our wood can be successfully incorporated into many different architectural styles. Many global brands have chosen to use Centennial Woods' reclaimed wood due to its unique aesthetic and product consistency.

Exterior Facade in Long Beach, CA on a Taco Bell and Pizz Hut restaurant.

YUM! Brand Restaurant Facade

Wood exterior siding is available from Centennial Woods Reclaimed Wood.

Wood Exterior Siding

Exterior Facade of Ole Red restaurant featuring Centennial Woods' Yellowstone reclaimed wood finish achieved using the ancient Japanes technique of Shou Sugi Ban.

Blake Shelton's Ole Red

Exterior Facade in a mountain town using reclaimed wood from Wyoming snow fences - Black Mountain Rentals.

Local Mountain Business

Exterior reclaimed wood siding on a snowboard company.

Snowboard Company Exterior

Exterior Facade in Aruba with reclaimed wood siding from Centennial Woods withstands the hot and moist Carribean weather with our special preparation processes.

Exterior Facade in Aruba

Exterior reclaimed wood siding on a credit union in our hometown of Laramie with the universities Steamboat logo painted onto the naturally aged wood.

Wyo FCU Exterior Wall with Logo

Exterior stand alone wall at a restaurant built with reclaimed wood.

Funky Exterior Wall

Coffee shop drive through with reclaimed wood siding.

Coffee Drive Thru

Sublett Library chose to use Centennial Woods' reclaimed wood in their building's design.

Sublette Library, WY

Running Outdoors chose the barnwood look.

Stand Alone Building

Outdoor patio wall with section dividers made with salvaged wood.

Reception Area Wall

Davanti Enoteca facade with reclaimed wood.

Store Front Facade

Reclaimed wood siding on a Starbucks in Thornton, CO.

Retail Horizontal Siding

Reclaimed wood milled into shiplap installed as a siding on a Starbucks in Laramie, WY.

Starbucks Shiplap Siding

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