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Photos of Exterior Siding: Shiplap, Bevel Lap, and Board-On-Board, and Side-by-Side

Wyoming reclaimed wood milled into exterior siding has been featured on projects by award-winning architects in the USA and Canada. Our wood looks at home on homes in the city, in the mountains, and on the coast. Incorporate reclaimed snow fence wood into your modern, traditional, transitional, or rustic projects.

Reclaimed wood siding on Living Homes' Atwater Village community in California.

Living Homes - Atwater Village

Reclaimed wood ceiling in beach style coastal by Sneller Custom Homes in Spring, TX.

Sneller Custom Homes TX

Reclaimed wood siding at 21 Pearl in Boulder, CO by Surround Architects.

Modern Reclaimed Wood Siding

Reclaimed wood siding on a mountian home in Eagle, CO sent in by Bert.

Reclaimed Wood Siding Colorado

Reclaimed wood siding on a lakefront home near the mountians.

Lakefront Reclaimed Wood Siding

The Bali House where reclaimed wood from Wyoming has the look of tropical driftwood.

Coastal Reclaimed Wood Siding

Mountain home with reclaimed wood siding near Big Bear, CA.

Mountain Home Siding

Modern application of reclaimed wood siding in Colorado by Lopez Construction and Design.

Transitional Reclaimed Wood Siding

Reclaimed wood milled into bevel lap and installed on a home exterior by Capistrano Homes.

Bevel Lap from Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood soffit on a Wyoming home in the mountains.

Reclaimed Wood Soffit

Reclaimed wood fascia on a modern home.

Reclaimed Wood Fascia

Reclaimed wood siding on a home remodel in North Denver, CO.

Colorado Award Winner

Custom reclaimed wood door.

Reclaimed Wood Door

Contemporary reclaimed wood siding.

Modern Reclaimed Wood

A reclaimed wood soffit.

Reclaimed Wood Soffit & Shiplap

Modern application of reclaimed wood siding: board-on-board.

Wood, Aged Metal, and Stone

Reclaimed wood doors.

Custom Reclaimed Wood Doors

Vertical reclaimed wood siding in Malibu, California.

Vertical Reclaimed Wood Siding

Rustic style reclaimed wood door.

Rustic Door

Reclaimed wood paired with a curved, aged metal roof.

Modern Style Reclaimed Wood

Modern home with reclaimed wood siding near Steamboat Springs, CO.

Steamboat Springs, CO

Reclaimed wood siding on a contemporary home near Boulder, CO.

Grey Wood Siding

Modern home with mixed media exterior featuring reclaimed wood siding.

Reclaimed Wood Siding Project

Reclaimed wood exterior using board-on-board technique.

Vertical Board on Board Siding

Pool house with reclaimed wood siding in CA.

Malibu Reclaimed Wood Pool House

Reclaimed wood siding from the backside of Wyoming snow fence has a beautiful cinnamon accent color.

Board-on-Board Siding

Horizontal reclaimed wood siding on a modern home design in Colorado.

Horizontal Exterior Siding

Reclaimed wood siding on a tiny home in Jackson, WY.

Tiny Home Exterior Siding

Reclaimed wood siding on a traditionally styled mountain home.

Reclaimed Wood Ski House

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