Photos of Wyoming Snow Fences

Traffic Safety Structures Unique to the West

Hundreds of Miles of 12' Tall Snow Fences Direct Snow Drifts Along Highways and Interstates throughout Wyoming. They are also the source of the largest sustainable source of reclaimed wood on Earth.

thumbnail image of Wyoming snow fence wood is reclaimed by Centennial Woods.

Naturally Aged Reclaimed Wood

Hoar frost enveloping barbed wire in wyoming.

Long, Brutally Cold Winters

Dramatic sunset behind a Wyoming snow fence.

Arid, High Altitude Plains

Wyoming snow fences control drifting snow to keep it off of roadways.

Blowing Snow/Ground Blizzards

The summer sun naturally drying and curing the wood that becomes Centennial Woods' reclaimed wood.

Intense Summer Sun

Small image of snow fences are all over the state of Wyoming, once the boards have aged they are recycled, and milled into reclaimed wood planks by Centennial Woods out of Laramie, Wyoming.

Cleaner than Barns

Small image of snow fences are gaining in popularity with homeowners, having a properly placed snow fence can mean the difference in being able to plow or having to wait until summer when the snow melts.

Allow for a Snow Plow

Small image of Wyoming weather is always changing and always beautiful.

Walk Through the Wyo Clouds