3/8" Resawn Reclaimed Wood Boards

Milled from Wyoming Snow Fence Boards (307) 760-8037

3/8” thick reclaimed wood weathered boards.

Natural or Straight Edge Weathered Boards


This is a unique product developed by Centennial Woods™. It is achieved by re-sawing our nominal 1×6 planks. This creates a light-weight alternative to our thicker woods that work great for a host of interior applications. Options include custom surfacing and straight-edging. The “surfaced” option is left up to you; while somewhat subjective, you can have a little or all the natural patina milled off the wood. These reclaimed wood boards contribute towards satisfying credits MR3, MR4, and MR5 under LEED®.

With a natural edge the face is typically 5 3⁄4” varying up to 1⁄4” (5 5/8” – 5 7/8”).

With a straight edge the face is typically 5” varying up to 1⁄4” (5 5/8” – 5 7/8”).

Average thickness is 3⁄8” varying up to 1⁄8” (2/8” – 4/8”).

Reclaimed Wood Finish Options

Centennial Woods' finishes bring out the reclaimed wood textures.

We have plenty of finish options to choose from. Some unique finishes come from natural aging, some from light sanding, and many result from the years of experience of our in-house craftsmen. Learn more about our available reclaimed wood finishes.