T&G flooring made from reclaimed wood.

Tongue and Groove Flooring Milled from Reclaimed Wood

Centennial Woods™ reclaimed wood from Wyoming Snow Fence is also available as plank flooring. Harvested for second use from the mountainsides and open prairies of Jackson to New Castle and Sheridan to Saratoga, WY, our reclaimed wood is naturally dried for years by one of our state’s greatest natural resources: the Wyoming wind. Wyoming plank flooring is a custom milled product. Surfaced to our customer’s specifications to reveal as little or as much of the stunning element of the wood including knots, nail holes and intricate grain patterns.These reclaimed wood boards contribute towards satisfying Credit MR4 and MR5 under LEED®

The face is 4.5”.

Thickness is 11/16"


Reclaimed Wood Finish Options

Centennial Woods' finishes bring out the reclaimed wood textures.

We have plenty of finish options to choose from. Some unique finishes come from natural aging, some from light sanding, and many result from the years of experience of our in-house craftsmen. Learn more about our available reclaimed wood finishes.