Centennial Woods™ sells and ships reclaimed wood from Wyoming snow fences that have the barn wood and pallet wood look, but with no risk of chemicals or insects. We mill our wood in-house into planks, shiplap, T & G, and bevel lap for walls, ceilings, floors, and siding. Our snow fence wood is untreated and has never been exposed to lead paint and gives off no harmful VOCs. Please call if you have any questions: (307) 742-3672.

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Centennial Woods™ reclaimed wood products are 100% natural and come from Ponderosa pine, lodge pole pine, spruce, and douglas fir from the Rocky Mountain region. Our reclaimed wood boards are naturally distressed and weathered anywhere from 7 to 15 years as slats on 12' tall snow fences. Our reclaimed wood has high physical integity and possesses a medium hardness typical of pine species. Moisture content ranges from four to eight percent; we recommend using regional best practices for acclimating the wood upon delivery. Our wood is certified by Bureau Veritas on behalf of FSC® as FSC® 100% Recycled. This reclaimed wood is offered in an aged and weathered state complete with checking and nail heads as well as a freshly planed, raw finish. We also offer de-nailing services.

Reclaimed Wood Finish Options

Centennial Woods' finishes bring out the reclaimed wood textures.

We have plenty of finish options to choose from. Some unique finishes come from natural aging, some from light sanding, and many result from the years of experience of our in-house craftsmen. Learn more about our available reclaimed wood finishes.