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Reclaimed Wood Wall Planks
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  • Extreme Makeover Home Edition episode 4 reclaimed wood arrives on the build site.
    Volunteers Built This House in Only 5 Days!
  • Extreme Makeover Home Edition episode 4 reclaimed wood delivery to site.
    Reclaimed Wood Arrives at the Clovis Construction Site
  • Saratoga Reclaimed Wood Siding Facade
  • Wall Planks in the Cheyenne Finish
  • Cooper Cove Planks
  • Saratoga Siding on a Playhouse
  • Extreme Makeover Home Edition episode 4 installing Centennial Woods reclaimed wood planks.
    Installing Reclaimed Wood Paneling
  • Wall and Ceiling Paneling in the Cheyenne Finish
  • Bedroom Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall - Cheyenne Finish
  • Vertical, Saratoga Reclaimed Wood Siding
  • Cooper Cove and Saratoga Siding
  • Reclaimed Wood Siding by Centennial Woods
  • Cooper Cove Planks
  • Reclaimed Wood Planks Milled from Snow Fence
  • Wood Walls and Ceiling in the Cheyenne Finish
  • Reclaimed Wood Siding by Centennial Woods
  • Entryway with Reclaimed Wood Siding
  • Reclaimed wood siding on the Garage - Saratoga Finish
  • Extreme Makeover Home Edition episode 4 with the Reeder family - move that bus!
    Move That Bus!
  • Centennial Woods' crew reclaiming wood off of a snow fence.
    Recycled Snow Fences Are the Largest Source of Sustainable Reclaimed Wood
  • Wild horses in SE Wyoming congregating near a snow fence.
    Snow Fence Near Centennial, Wyoming.

reclaimed wood siding, wall paneling, Outdoor playhouse, and outdoor living accents

The design team from HGTV’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition, along with hundreds of volunteers from the Clovis, CA area put the reclaimed wood we donated to great use for a great family. Episode 4, Starting From Scratch, featured the new home for firefighter Nick Reeder and his family. Many viewers have asked “what’s the reclaimed wood on Extreme Makeover,” and it’s Centennial Woods’ reclaimed wood siding and wall paneling – all milled from recycled Wyoming snow fence boards. Original air date Sunday, March 8th 2020.

Feel free to contact us if you’re curious about any of the products you see in the gallery below.

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