A photo gallery from wyoming


Photos featuring our Snow fences. These images also exhibit the vast beauty of the state we are so lucky to call home: Wyoming (often referred to by locals as WyHOMEing). The state’s shear size can be likened to the abundant supply of reclaimed wood our fences produce. This resource is the largest sustainable reclaimed wood source on Earth! The recycled snow fence boards can be milled into consistent planks, paneling, flooring, siding and more. Reclaimed Wyoming snow fence has been used for exterior and interior design projects all over the globe including North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Recycled slats from Wyoming snow fences are used as siding on homes and businesses, interior paneling and as home decor.

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  • Wyoming snow fence directing snow away from a road.
    Aged snow fence in the high plains of Wyoming.
  • Centennial Woods' crew reclaiming wood off of a snow fence.
    Reclaiming snow fence wood in the Summer.
  • A line of snow fences in Wyoming after a snow storm.
    Vertical and Wyoming snow fences.
  • Wild horses in SE Wyoming congregating near a snow fence.
    Wild Horse Ranch in Wyoming.
  • A brand new snow fence being installed in Centennial, WY in the foothills of the Snowy Range in the Medicine Bow National Forest.
    Installing a snow fence in Centennial, WY.
  • A snow fence in Wyoming directing snow away from the highway.
    Snow fence in the mountains of Wyoming.
  • Snow Fence Road in Wyoming.
    Snow fences are found throughout the state of Wyoming.
  • Barbed wire covered in hoar frost in front of a Wyoming snow fence built and maintained by Centennial Woods.
    Hoar frost after a frigid night in the Wyoming high plains.
  • A new 12 foot tall snow fence in Wyoming, once the wood has weathered it will be recycled and milled into reclaimed wood planks by Centennial Woods.
    Brand new snow fence.
  • Snow fences at Wild Horse Ranch in late Spring.
    Snow fences in the Big Hollow near Laramie, WY.