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Snow Fence Installation Services


We install snow fences in Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, and Utah.


Call (307) 745-3672 for details.

Centennial Woods™ started installing and maintaining snow fences for WYDOT back in 1999. We construct snow fences using regionally sourced lumber, rebar, and hardware. Our installation services are now available to ranchers and landowners in the state of Wyoming. If you are in a surrounding state please call us to see if we can accommodate your needs).

Advantages of Having Snow Fences Installed on Your Property:

• Protects access to your home and outbuildings during the winter.

• Provides windbreak for livestock.

• Protects access to winter feeding grounds for livestock.

• When properly placed, snow fences can allow for early filling of stock tanks.

• Can create a slow melt water supply in the Springtime.


Snow Fence Installation Testimonial

Albany County, Wyoming – September 2017

Wanted to drop you a note for followup on our new snow fence you recently installed. I got a chance to see our new snow fence in late September. It looks terrific. Thanks for getting it installed on time as we agreed. I still can’t believe your crew was able to install a fence that tall and that long as quickly as your crew did. Amazing! I was concerned that building it might damage our grounds during construction or it might take a long time to get it built. Evidently, I didn’t need to worry. Super job by your guys.

We just wanted to thank you again for making the whole process from laying out the snow fence design to the snow fence contract agreement to your onsite visit and layout of the snow fence so easy and stress free or us. It couldn’t have went smoother. You and everyone we spoke with at Centennial Woods was a pleasure to deal with.

Many thanks again,
Jon L.

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