Snow Fence Installation Services

Serving Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, and Utah.

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Centennial Woods® started installing and maintaining snow fences for WYDOT back in 1999. We construct snow fences using regionally sourced lumber, rebar, and hardware. Our installation services are now available to ranchers and landowners in the state of Wyoming. If you are in a surrounding state please call us to see if we can accommodate your needs.

A new 12 foot tall snow fence in Wyoming, once the wood has weathered it will be recycled and milled into reclaimed wood planks by Centennial Woods.
Centennial Woods
Advantages of Having Snow Fences Installed on Your Property:

• Protects access to your home and outbuildings during the winter.

• Provides windbreak for livestock.

• Protects access to winter feeding grounds for livestock.

• When properly placed, snow fences can allow for early filling of stock tanks.

• Snowmelt in the Springtime creates increased vegetation and healthier soil.


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