Square Footage Calculator for Reclaimed Wood

Enter your room's, wall's, or ceiling's dimensions below to calculate how many square feet you need. Recommended 20 s.f. box calculations include 15% extra for waste, and are rounded up to the next full box.

If your room shape is more complex than a rectangle, please contact us.

Doors are estimated at 3' x 7' and windows at 3' x 4'.

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Full Room Wall Calculator

Room dimensions How many? Results
Width *  ft. Doors (3'x7') *   sq. feet
Length *  ft. Windows (3'x4') *   # Boxes
Height *  ft. Enter 0 (zero) if none.  

Single Wall or Ceiling Calculator

Wall or Ceiling dimension   Results
Height *  ft.    sq. feet
Length *  ft.    # Boxes