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Centennial Woods' reclaimed wood has eight 5 Star reviews out of eight reviews on Houzz as of April 12, 2017.

reclaimed wood in the bedroom.

Marcos Reyes

“The wood was perfect, exactly what we were looking for.You helped me score some big points with the wife.”

Reclaimed wood exterior application.

Tim Lawlor

“Centennial Woods™ helped us fulfill our dream of bringing the look of Wyoming to our home in Pennsylvania. The repurposed snow fence looks AWESOME! People marvel at the beauty of the wood siding and are equally fascinated with its history.”

Photo of a snow fence maintained by Centennial Woods.

Brad Laurain

“Words can’t describe how happy we are with the finished product. The weathered snow fence is exactly the style and color we were looking for! I appreciate all of your information and guidance in helping us move forward with your product. You guys were very professional, always followed up, and very pleasant to work with. We look forward to ordering more from Centennial Woods™ in the near future!”

Reclaimed wood siding on a large home in the mountains.

John Fielder, Renowned Nature Photographer

“Centennial woods reclaimed snowfence is featured through the interior of my home. It brings a natural beauty and texture to every room – and works very well with my clean contemporary mountain style. I absolutely love it.”

Large reclaimed wood building project.

Josh Scala, EcoBuilders Inc.

“I discovered Centennial Woods™ reclaimed wood from Wyoming snowfence several years ago while living and working in Colorado. I fell in love with its naturally weathered texture and subtle range of grey hues throughout each plank. When Eco-builders was selected to design Southern Living’s Idea House in Asheville, North Carolina, we began gathering materials and products that aligned with our architectural vision and green mission. Centennial Woods™ reclaimed snowfence was an immediate and obvious choice for the exterior of the carriage house. We used 2,000 linear feet in a horizontal format and it looks fantastic.”

Reclaimed wood details.

Frank Craige, Idea House Program

“When I first saw the snowfence being installed on one of my site visits I knew that this material was going to enhance the entire design of the Idea House. The texture was the first thing that caught my eye. The weathered tones of grays, deep shadow lines of the shiplap application and natural wood grain mixed to give a superior look and feel. After learning of its durable characteristics by virtue of its original application for redirecting wind and snow; I knew this would be the natural choice aesthetically and functionally when choosing siding for my own bungalow rehab.”

Salvaged wood on a home.

General Manager, EcoBuilders Inc.

“Interestingly, we also used local barn wood for a few interior rooms. That’s when it became very clear that Centennial Woods™ reclaimed snowfence is far superior—in form and function—to barn wood. It is consistent in size and strength, color and texture, and every board is clean and dry.”

Great looking reclaimed wood siding.

Susanne Johnson, Johnson Family Compound

“We recently built two homes, one for my in-laws and one for our growing family, in Horse Mountain Ranch north of Wolcott, Colorado and used your reclaimed snowfence mixed with vertical shingles. We call the houses The Johnson Family Compound and they look great! We’ve truly enjoyed working with Centennial Woods™ and are especially thrilled with your reclaimed snowfence.”