Distressed wood paneling and trim from Centennial Woods on sale with free shipping in the lower 48 States.
Reclaimed wood siding in shiplap, 1x6, and S3S for commercial and residential projects from Centennial Woods.

REclaimed wood for sale

If you’ve ever wondered where to buy reclaimed wood including shiplap, Centennial Woods is the place. Our products are found in and on homes, businesses, restaurants, and public venues located throughout North America, Asia, Europe and beyond. We precision-mill boards for indoor and outdoor projects.

Snow Fence Wood

Reclaimed wood precision-milled from recycled wooden Wyoming snow fence is consistent in appearance and availability. Choose siding, shiplap, flooring, décor, or planks for interior feature walls and ceilings.

Used for residential and commercial projects around the world, we ship internationally and domestically by the box, pallet, truckload, or shipping container. Check out our reclaimed wood  on HGTV’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

The world's largest source of reclaimed wood is recycled snow fences built, maintained, and then repurposed by Centennial Woods.

Barn Wood Made From Recycled Snow Fences

Reclaimed barn boards are becoming more and more scarce. Centennial Woods™ has perfected a solution that doesn’t involve using artificial materials or techniques to create a large inventory of weathered wood. We recycle the hundreds of miles of 12 foot tall wooden snow fences in the Rocky Mountains and high plains of Wyoming.

  • Clean, consistent, and sustainable for residential and commercial interior and exterior use
  • Recycled boards milled from deconstructed snow fences
  • Naturally aged above ground at high altitude in Wyoming for up to a decade
  • Eco friendly and carbon-negative
  • Certified GREENGUARD Gold by United Laboratories (UL) for healthier indoor air quality
  • Never exposed to lead paint, barnyard animal waste, or other toxins
  • Our one-of-a-kind reclaimed lumber system is the largest source of sustainable reclaimed wood products on Earth
Reclaimed wood planks for walls and ceilings made from recycled snow fence.
Reclaimed wood trim from Centennial Woods works with reclaimed wood walls or painted walls.


Architecture, Design, and Traffic Safety Intersect

Wyoming has some fierce winds. The 12 foot tall snow fences along the highways are necessary to direct snow away from roads. Snow fences keep winter travelers safe and reduce the government’s snow plowing costs.

Towards the end of the 20th century old snow fence boards were either burned or sent to the landfill. In the mid ’90s some of the boards on the snow fences was “borrowed,” indicating a burgeoning interest in distressed wood for paneling and siding. The idea for sustainably recycling snow fence wood was born in 1999 in the form of Centennial Woods®.

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