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Reclaimed Wood

BETTER THAN BARN WOOD: Clean, Consistent, and Sustainable Recycled Wyoming Snow Fence Wood


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  • Limited, Unreliable Supply of Barns or Similar Structures
  • Batches of Reclaimed Wood Looks Different Year to Year
  • Inconsistent Dimensions
  • Decades of Exposure to Chemicals and Animal Waste
  • Old, Buried Nails Destroy Power Tools
  • Can't Buy Direct or in Large Quantities


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In Wyoming there are hundreds of miles of 12 foot tall snow fences, which help keep roadways safe. Centennial Woods™ builds and maintains these fences year-round. We then recycle the old, beautifully weathered boards and prepare them for sale. Our reclaimed snow fence planks have a consistent, rich patina and texture that is available on a continual basis for your interior paneling or exterior siding projects. At Centennial Woods™ we sort, cut, remove nails, and mill the wood to make installing our reclaimed wood as easy as installing new wood from the lumber store. Unlike other reclaimed wood sources, our wood is 100% toxin-free as well as FSC® 100% Certified Recycled (think LEED points).

Buy directly from the source - Centennial Woods™ - the World Leader in Reclaimed Wood. Shop our online store today, or call us at 307-742-3672. We ship locally and globally: by the box, truckload, or shipping container.

Centennial Woods builds and maintains snowfences for the state of Wyoming. We also recycle the boards and mill them into reclaimed wood for walls, ceilings, flooring, siding, and more.


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Wyoming snow fences are used to control snow movement and keep drifting snow from forming on highways, driveways, and rail lines. Snow fences are all over the state of Wyoming due to the relentless and powerful wind. In the later half of the 20th century old snow fence wood was either burned or sent to the landfill. In the mid '90s some of the wood from these fences went missing due to theft, showing that there was a burgeoning market for reclaimed wood - and the idea for systematically recycling snow fence planks was born in the form of Centennial Woods™.





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Testimonial from Jill Nuebauer Architects.

The Carsons

“Just wanted to drop you a line of how much we are enjoying the reclaimed wood mountain shelf I recently ordered. Being from Ohio we have visited Wyoming several times and have definitely seen the many snow fences as we traveled through...

Testimonial from Jill Nuebauer Architects.

Jill Nuebauer Architects

“We recently used their reclaimed Wyoming snow fencing on a major renovation. Great green material with a unique story. It is the clients' favorite part of the house, and we will be back for more on future projects. The company is easy to work with and...

Testimonials on Houzz.

Dave Dunham

"Our experience with Centennial Woods has been nothing short of amazing! In January we came to Laramie to meet with Centennial Woods representatives with just an idea of what we wanted in our new home in Sheridan, Wyoming with...



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Testimonial from Jill Nuebauer Architects.

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Testimonial from Jill Nuebauer Architects.

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