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Learn what reclaimed wood is, where it comes from, and what it can be used for.

Follow our step-by-step guide to install your first reclaimed wood wall.

See how our snow fences can protect your property, roadway, and more.

Learn about our products and pricing for commercial reclaimed wood projects.

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This dreamy outdoor living space in Malibu, CA was designed by Hayne Architects using our Cody finish. View more designs like this in our Wood Accents on House Exterior blog post.

From rustic wood to vibrant fabric, discover exciting ways to transform your space and add a touch of personality to your walls. Get creative with some of our Accent Wall Ideas!

Know the Source of Your Reclaimed Wood! In this article, we cover important safety considerations to be aware of when choosing reclaimed wood, and why it’s important to buy from a retailer you trust.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Colors in natural and painted finishes enhance the beauty and versatility of your space, offering depth and character. View all reclaimed wood finishes from Centennial Woods.

Using Centennial Woods’ reclaimed wood is an excellent way to promote well being and connect you to nature in architecture and interior design. Learn more about Wood as a Biophilic Design Element.

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Centennial Wood’s Commitment To Sustainability

Centennial Woods® has avoided producing 20,000 tons of C02 emissions since we began our journey of repurposing reclaimed wood in 1999! Learn more about our story!

Check out some of our Sustainability Blog Posts!

Reclaimed Wood Panels Certified For Low Chemical Emissions

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Reclaimed Wood Paneling

Reclaimed Wood & Sustainable Living: A Tiny House Story

Video Library

Explore our video library to find how-to-videos for inspiration and instruction on your next reclaimed wood DIY project!

How to Install a Dartboard with a Reclaimed Wood Background

Build a dartboard background from reclaimed wood planks in this DIY tutorial. Read along in our blog post for more details.

How To Install A Reclaimed Wood Wall

Learn how to install a reclaimed wood wall with Ashley Quintero of She’s the Carpenter! Follow along in our installation guide.

Centennial Woods - Real Reclaimed Wood

Centennial Woods is one of the largest providers of reclaimed wood in the world. Watch to see the journey our wood takes, from snow fence to reclaimed wood plank!

How To Build & Install a Mantel or Ceiling Beam from Reclaimed Wood

Learn how to build a mantel or ceiling beam using reclaimed wood in this beginner-friendly project. Follow along on YouTube or read our
blog post about it!

Scary Bathroom Becomes The Rustic Bathroom Using Reclaimed Wood

Follow Jeff as he takes you through the remodeling of a bathrrom starting from demolition and installing a reclaimed wood wall. You can read along in our blog post!

Centennial Woods Reclaimed Wood Plank Review

Greg reviews the whitewashed reclaimed wood planks he installed in his bedroom from Centennial Wood, and discusses the pros and cons of installation.

Wood Plank Cupping Issues and How To Fix It

Cupping issues are common when working with reclaimed wood, learn how to fix them!

Reclaimed Wood Wall Exterior Video Segment from the Fixers on BYU TV

When the fixers needed reclaimed wood for an exterior wall at the COMEA House in Cheyenne, WY they contacted Centennial Woods.

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