January 9, 2020



Using reclaimed woods in your home is a beautiful way to add depth and character to any space. Not only is it an eco-friendly material, but it’s versatility also allows it to be incorporated into many different styles of design. If you have chosen reclaimed woods for your most recent home improvement project, then you’ve likely considered the various aesthetics and textures your wood can provide. Choosing the perfect color(s) is another way to dramatically enhance the appearance of your space. We have many colors available, but if you're looking to customize your wood then read on:


Most any product you apply to a natural wood will change its color or tone. Some varnishes, oils, and dyes change the texture, bring out the layers of color, or subdue the grains of the wood. Before applying any finish to reclaimed wood sample the finish on a small piece first. Take a piece of your wood to the hardware store and test different products to see which finish achieves the color and texture you're looking for. Keep in mind that some products will require more time and labor than others to apply.


Eco-friendly Finishes, Varnishes and Stains


Products like linseed and safflower oil, beeswax and carnauba wax offer a natural protection and shine to reclaimed wood and are perfect for low-traffic areas, such as walls or ceilings. They are eco-friendly and perfect for subtly highlighting your reclaimed wood project.


Stains are more decorative than protective, but can still be used to preserve your wood. Applying stain is a way to bring out the unique colors and patterns in the wood while adding your own tint. If you don’t need much added protection for your reclaimed wood, but simply want to enhance its colors, stain is the way to go.

Varnishes, on the other hand, use tough resins to provide better protection for your wood and can be used on interior or exterior projects. You can use varnishes in conjunction with the stain of your choice, or choose a varnish that is already tinted with stain. Varnishes come in a huge variety of colors, durability and shine, and are a great way to protect your wood, especially if it will be installed outside.


One important factor in choosing the finish for your wood, is deciding if you want your wood to be shiny or matte. A shiny finish gives your wood a more modern and polished appearance, while matte finishes let the appearance of the wood speak for itself. Both finishes can be great accents to your reclaimed wood project. However, be cautious using high-gloss finishes in high-traffic areas, as they can be harder to maintain and may show wear sooner.

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