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Reclaimed Wood Planks & Paneling for Interior Designers

Take your professional interior design projects to the next level with beautiful, eco-friendly reclaimed wood. Centennial Woods is the world's largest sustainable reclaimed wood supplier and offers a variety of stunning finishes to fit any aesthetic your clients are looking for.

We reclaim our wood from Wyoming snow fences, then mill the boards to create high-quality reclaimed wood planks. Harsh winters in the Rocky Mountains weather our wood naturally, so no heat treatment is required. Those intense conditions also mean the wood is uninhabitable for insects and free of toxins, making it completely safe for indoor use and an ideal wood for interior design.

Our products are:

  • FSC® Recycled,
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified,
  • Naturally Free of Toxins & Insects,
  • Carbon-Negative

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Centennial Woods offers free samples that are approximately 8 inches by 5 inches in size. We recommend ordering three samples per finish to see the variations in color, grain, and texture.

We Have a Maximum Limit of 9 Samples

Cardboard sample boxes containing free reclaimed wood samples from Centennial Woods

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Reclaimed wood subway tile samples in the thick grout line style.

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Reclaimed wood siding sample pack

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| Dillon is always fast to respond and stays on top of our needs by checking in on us...

"We have used Centennial Woods for several years on our projects to add texture to our designed spaces. Our design is mostly Mountain Organic so people can feel rested in their homes and bring natural soft elements from the outside in. We primarily use their Wyoming Snow fence because the natural coloring blends so well into many of our projects. We’ve wrapped just about anything with their wood – accent walls in offices and homes, fireplace uppers, posts, beams, interior, exterior, islands, etc. We like that it’s a renewable resource as they replace the snow fence around the state…as long as there is snow to be fenced we’ll have the awesome weathered grayed wood! We have used the veneers as well and they’re great too – reliable quality and sizing. Centennial Woods ships super-fast and gives great prices to us. Dillon is always fast to respond and stays on top of our needs by checking in on us to let us know lead times in case we have an order we’re sitting on."


| Great green material with a unique story...

"We recently used their reclaimed Wyoming snow fencing on a major renovation. Great green material with a unique story. It is the client's favorite part of the house, and we will be back for more on future projects. the company is easy to work with and offers quick lead times."

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Wooden wall planks in the Cheyenne finish from Centennial Woods

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Centennial Woods offers free samples that are approximately 8 inches by 5 inches in size.

We Have a Maximum Limit of 9 Samples


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The Top Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Reclaimed Wood.
Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a city with a retail reclaimed wood store the best way to buy safe, consistent, and sustainable distressed wood is through Centennial Woods online or over the phone. Although we’re located in Wyoming we can ship all over the world. We sell nominal 1 x 6s, shiplap, wall planks, siding, and more. If you are unable to answer the question “where can I find reclaimed wood near me,” contact us to tell us about your project and to receive a free estimate.
The answer is – it depends. The cost of reclaimed wood varies based on where it comes from and its quality. A high-end, specialized wood company can charge up to $25/square foot for precision milled beams and boards sourced from unique and or historic locations. On the other hand, a property owner with an old shed might offer reclaimed wood for free if you agree to haul it away. Keep in mind, with cheap or free reclaimed wood you will have to clean, disinfect, and mill it yourself. The price of real reclaimed wood online ranges between $7 and $14 per square foot. Our reclaimed Wyoming snow fence wood is sourced from a continual supply of wood that is consistent in quality. Our prices are very competitive and are at the lower end of the price spectrum. We offer additional services like de-nailing, water-proofing, fire retardant application, and custom colors. Call us at (307) 742-3672 or get a free estimate.
Products milled from reclaimed snow fence wood are available to purchase instantly online. Custom orders and large orders are generally ready to ship within a month or so. It takes from 7 to 15 years for the boards on snow fences to develop the desired patina and be replaced. Our wood is naturally aged in the high plains and mountains of Wyoming at an elevation of 6,000 feet above sea level or higher. During the summer the sun bakes and dries the boards making them inhospitable to insects. In the Winter the wind and snow carve out the grain of the wood giving it its unique texture and patina. Once the boards are reclaimed they are hauled to the Centennial Woods facility in Laramie, WY. Production times to process and mill large quantities and custom boards are constantly adjusting based on the weather, road conditions, wildlife migration, and accessibility mandates from the Bureau of Land Management. Call 307-742-3672 or contact us for an estimate.
Simply put, reclaimed wood is lumber that has a second life and use after it has served its original purpose. Are there differences in quality and consistency depending on the source of reclaimed wood? Most suppliers of genuine reclaimed wood have limited supplies due to sourcing issues caused by having to find usable wood from all around the country. This results in boards with inconsistent dimensions and quality. Often boards reclaimed from the same barn can look completely different, especially the boards that were southern-facing and exposed to sunlight all year. Centennial Woods runs the largest and most consistent system to create real and sustainable reclaimed wood boards. Our wood ages as fence slats for approximately 10 years. Some sections of our 12’ tall fences are over a mile long with the boards all facing in the same direction resulting in consistent, natural coloration. To learn more about reclaimed wood and our reclaimed wood process, visit the Ultimate Guide to Reclaimed Wood.
Reclaimed barn wood and pallet wood is generally safe for exterior use. Use caution when installing reclaimed wood in an interior space as they often contain mold, mildew, VOCs, insects, toxic chemicals, lead paint, and/or traces of animal waste. Be sure to ask the reclaimed wood supplier if the boards have been heat treated in a kiln to eliminate mold, mildew, and insects. Even with kiln drying the dangers of VOCs and lead paint will remain. Reclaimed wood from Wyoming snow fences is safe for indoor use in homes, businesses, schools, and hospitals. The natural aging process results in reclaimed wood boards certified for low chemical emissions earning a GREENGUARD Gold certification from UL (United Laboratories). Learn more about the dangers of non-certified reclaimed wood.
Shiplap is a milling process that creates rabbeted board edges so boards will overlap one another to help with water-proofing and/or weather-proofing. The rabbeted top edge of each board overlaps the rabbeted bottom edges of adjacent boards to create a flush, tight joint. Sometimes shiplap boards are installed with an intentional gap between boards for aesthetic reasons; these referred to as nickel gap boards.
Many reclaimed wood suppliers are unable to comply with this request since their wood is sourced from multiple locations. At Centennial Woods, our naturally aged wood is primarily gray on the front of the board and the backside will contain brown, blonde, and cinnamon tones. The colors on our wood are consistent year after year, but some tonal variations can occur and are to be expected. That said, we will do our best to satisfy your desired aesthetic; very specific requests can increase the price and extend the lead time of your planks. Additionally, we offer finishes that incorporate stains and distressed paint techniques.
The color, hue, and patina of reclaimed wood will slowly continue to change from year to year; especially if used as exterior siding. Exterior walls facing south (in the northern hemisphere) will age more quickly due to direct sun exposure.
Some reclaimed wood products do require occasional maintenance. Most wall paneling made from reclaimed wood will not require any special care. Keep in mind that there are limitations to where reclaimed wood can be installed based on fire codes and humidity levels. Reclaimed snow fence wood is generally a maintenance-free product. We do make recommendations for certain situations. For example, exterior siding or wall paneling in a humid room (like a bathroom or pool house) should be coated with Centennial Seal™. NOTE: DO NOT use other sealants without spot-testing; many sealants will turn reclaimed wood a very dark color. Additionally, the color and texture of our reclaimed wood will continue to change if exposed to sunlight and the elements in an exterior application. We recommend having us apply Flame Stop II® to planks used in commercial projects or residential projects like fireplace surrounds to meet local fire codes.