February 23, 2024

10 Interior Design Trends We Love For 2024

How to Incorporate Reclaimed Wood into this Year’s Trending Interior Design Styles

The turn of the new year means new interior design trends have emerged to inspire upcoming renovations and home decor projects.


Reclaimed wood can be a great staple for interior design projects because it’s versatile and can fit with a wide range of aesthetics and trends. We searched some of the top interior design trends for 2024 and pulled together 10 of our favorites. In this post, we’ll share those trends and how to incorporate reclaimed wood in each one.

#1 Metals

The first new trend we’re keeping an eye on this year is the use of metals. Whether you plan to use actual metals, or materials with metallic finishes, this trend adds a touch of sophistication and shine.

How to Incorporate Reclaimed Wood:

Our reclaimed wood comes in a variety of finishes that can serve as the perfect complement for metals – from warm bronzes to cool silvers. The natural look of the wood planks is a great way to balance the metal’s industrial feel.

#2 Biophilic Design

Another trend that’s become increasingly popular in recent years is biophilic design. This trend, based on the idea that people are drawn to nature, involves bringing elements from the outdoors into interior design.


Biophilic design elements can be either direct (like natural light and plants) or indirect (like photos of nature and earth tone colors.)

How to Incorporate Reclaimed Wood:

Our naturally weathered reclaimed wood is a biophilic design element that can easily be incorporated into any space. In addition to having stunning natural finishes that pull in the outdoorsy vibe, our wood is completely free of volatile organic compounds and 100% safe to use indoors.

#3 Textures

Textures can be used to achieve various aesthetics – whether the goal is a contemporary look or more of a rustic feel.

How to Incorporate Reclaimed Wood:

Regardless of the desired theme, weathered wood can help add an organic, textured look to any room. While our reclaimed wood planks are precision-milled and quality-sorted, they still have texture from being naturally weathered by harsh Rocky Mountain winters.

#4 Warm Earth Tones

Color trends change often in interior design, but warm earth tones are expected to emerge as the popular choice this year. That includes deeper shades of brown, red, and orange.

How to Incorporate Reclaimed Wood:

Reclaimed wood can be used as a direct source of warm earth tones or can be used to complement them. Our reclaimed wood planks come in a variety of finishes, including some that have warm, earthy tones. Other finishes have cooler or neutral colors that can balance out the warmer tones.

#5 Warm Minimalist

Similar to warm earth tones, warm minimalism is a trend you could see more of this year. A twist on the clean and simple minimalist aesthetic, warm minimalism adds earth tones and natural materials.

How to Incorporate Reclaimed Wood:

We offer a range of finishes you can choose from, including some that have warm colors that are appropriate for this trend. Others may not have warm colors, but feature a naturally weathered look that fits the minimalism aesthetic.

#6 Vintage & Antique

Antiques and other vintage design aspects are also expected to make a splash this year. More specifically, the anticipated trend involves the use of antiques to add charming history and unique stories to homes.

How to Incorporate Reclaimed Wood:

Vintage decor, art, and other antiques look great with our reclaimed wood finishes.


Our reclaimed wood alone is also a way to add a bit of a story to any space. All of our wood planks are reclaimed from Wyoming snow fences. Before we reclaim them, they spend about 10 years protecting Wyoming highways from blowing snow and keeping drivers safe during the winter.

Reclaimed wood painted white in a modern rustic living room with an Americana theme and decor.

#7 Contrast

Instead of monotone, contrast is expected to be the big trend this year for interior design. Contrast is a great way to add some personality to a space and make it more vibrant, whether it's using colors or textures.

How to Incorporate Reclaimed Wood:

If you’re looking for an easy way to add contrast, some of our reclaimed wood finishes (like our popular Casper finish) have various colors with high and low tones that offer contrast within the planks.

#8 Wood Mantels

Interior design changes don’t have to be complete home renovations or major projects – they can just be accent pieces like wood mantels, which are expected to be popular this year.

How to Incorporate Reclaimed Wood:

Floating mantels are a simple accent that can give rooms a rustic feel, and are relatively easy to make using our reclaimed wood. If you need help, check out our step-by-step video guide on how to build a mantel.

#9 Gallery Walls

Another interior design accent trend for this year is gallery walls. Gallery walls are a great way to display artwork, photos, and other visual elements that have been collected over the years.

How to Incorporate Reclaimed Wood:

Our reclaimed wood panels make a great background for any gallery walls – and can be used to make photos and images pop.

A gallery wall filled with brightly colored paintings made from white reclaimed wood.

#10 Feature Ceilings

Featured ceilings are also expected to be in style this year, according to interior designers. While many design trends involve walls or decor, ceilings can also be used to draw attention.

Stunning grey reclaimed wood ceiling in a modern house with views overlooking the mountains.
Grey reclaimed wood ceiling and beams in a contemporary home with an open floor plan.

How to Incorporate Reclaimed Wood:

Instead of a reclaimed wood wall, our planks can also be used to create a feature ceiling. If a full-on wood feature ceiling isn’t in the cards, another option is to use our planks to make ceiling beams.

Supply Your Projects

If you need reclaimed wood for these trends, or any other interior design projects you have on the horizon, we offer bulk pricing for professionals.  

You can explore our different finishes, request a quote, and even order free samples on our interior design professionals page.

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