October 4, 2019


We’re all becoming more aware of just how important our choices as businesses, groups, and individuals are and how they affect our planet and its environment. As a supplier of sustainable reclaimed wood, we’re proud to offer boards and planks that are both unique for our customers and ecologically friendly.

Before Centennial Woods began recycling them, Wyoming snow fences were purely built to direct snow away from roadways and highways. When the fences were replaced, the boards were burned or thrown in a landfill. Today, we reclaim the wood for exterior siding, home decor, and distressed wood walls. Wyoming’s intense weather conditions are ideal for producing sustainable and stunning weathered wood. The Wyoming climate is so intense that our wood has no need for the energy-intensive process of kiln drying. Kiln drying is used to the reduced the moisture content of lumber and kill any insects living in the wood. By skipping this process Centennial Woods’ reclaimed wood becomes a carbon negative product.


What is Carbon negative, you ask? Keep reading.

Due to the altitude and low humidity of our high plains and mountains, the wooden panels used for snow fences are perfectly dried by the sun and wind. This natural drying process bypasses the energy-intensive need for kiln drying.


Because our wood never has to go into a kiln, we actually remove more carbon CO2 from the atmosphere than Centennial Woods is responsible for creating. This is known as “Carbon Negative”.


Even when shipped overseas our wood arrives carbon negative, because it has never had to be in a kiln. As a result, we have repurposed more than 18 million feet of reclaimed wood and have avoided more than 18,000 tons of CO2 emissions since 1999.


In addition to being carbon negative, Centennial Woods reclaimed wood is FSC® Recycled 100% and contributes toward satisfying Credits MR3, MR4 and MR5 under LEED®. Unlike most barn wood or salvaged building planks, our repurposed wood has never been chemically-treated or painted; meaning no harmful off-gassing, lead paint, insects, or other contaminants will make its way into your home or business. In addition, you can always order more wood from us in the future and know that it will be consistent in color, quality, and dimensions.


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