September 20, 2021



The COMEA House in Cheyenne, WY is a homeless shelter that need some help with their building. The Fixers stepped in and made some much needed renovations. To complete their redesign they needed some reclaimed wood, fast. Courtney from the Fixers contacted Centennial Woods for help. This video is a condensed version showing how the exterior reclaimed wood wall was made.


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Video Transcription –


Courtney: Start of day three Finds me driving through the epic countryside of Wyoming. I was told there was a company out here that specializes in repurposing used lumber, which sounds perfect for what I want to do with the front of the COMEA building. Hello mate.


Tyson: Hey nice to meet you Courtney, Tyson. Pleasure to meet you.


Courtney: You’re the reclaimed wood guy.


Tyson: Yeah, I’m the local reclaimed wood expert. We get all our wood off of a resource called snow fences. These snow fences are put up to keep snow from blowing and drifting across roadways. We partner with the with the state in that we essentially have the maintenance contracts for these fences. We’ll build defenses, we maintain them and then we repurpose the old stuff and then we buy new wood to put up in his place.


Courtney: So are we able to get close to this fence here.


Tyson: Yeah. Courtney: Let’s check out the quality of the wood. Tyson: Absolutely, let’s go check it out.


Courtney: After you because I don’t wanna fall into one of these sinkholes. Of course, love recycling. So when we first arrived in Cheyenne and we came to the COMEA building and I heard about Centennial Woods and the fact that they reclaimed these old snow fences, I thought perfect I can hopefully get enough timber in a short amount of time. And you know, rip them and do this vertical slat design up the face of building, so looking forward to it. Right, so this is this is it eh? Hey this is great ’cause on every job every build we do no matter where we are in the world. I always try and add some sort of reclamation to the build, and so yeah, this is. This is genius. OK, we’d love to use it. OK, how possible is it for me to get some of this stuff today ’cause we only have a few days to build?


Tyson: I think I think we can work something out. Yeah, I think we can get you some.


Courtney: OK, great this stuff, the 2×6?


Tyson: Yeah, we’ve got it in the yard.


Courtney: All right perfect, legend. Alright thank you Sir.


Tyson: You bet. Courtney: Thankfully Tyson is gonna be able to hook me up in super fast fashion and hopefully I can do this old timber justice.


Courtney: It’s now come time for me to install my masterpiece, my vision of this whole front entrance. There’s been skeptics and I think everyone on this site, right up until this very moment thought that the weathered edges were facing out. I said no, no, we want to see the raw timber and then it’s gonna be clear coat, that’ll add the color to the front of this building.


Courtney: Here we go, all right. Well one down and about 2000 more to go. I mean it’s tedious, but it’s gonna look good, I swear. I just hope there’s enough time left to actually get this done.


Courtney: Mission accomplished and just in time.


Courtney: Take it all in.


Robin: Oh my gosh. Oh you guys that is so beautiful. Yeah, it’s perfect. Wow, it’s just so pretty.