November 18, 2016


As the millennial generation is growing up and buying/building homes, they’re gravitating toward the green living trends that have emerged in recent years. From incorporating energy-efficient appliances, to orienting windows to reduce the cost of heating and cooling, to utilizing reclaimed and recycled building materials, millennials are more concerned than any generation before them with reducing the carbon footprint of their homes.


A recent Napa Valley Register article about the 2016 International Builders Show, the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show and the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas looked at trends in homebuilding, particularly in what millennials are looking for in homes.


“It’s definitely a trend to combine reclaimed wood with a contemporary steel frame,” Walter said. “It’s an interesting play between old and new. People like contemporary lines, but they want the warmth of bringing in an older element into their home, especially the kitchen where people have an emotional connection with their childhood kitchen.”


The old and the new, contemporary and traditional, are gaining the favor of the newest generation of homeowners. One way these homes are bringing in the old is through the use of reclaimed building material. Barn doors are used to divide space, or hide storage. Reclaimed wood planks are used for accent walls, furniture, or flooring. Combined with a clean contemporary style, the repurposed wood provides a sense of warmth that is lacking with a strictly clean, modern style.


Bringing the inviting character of reclaimed wood into the contemporary houses of millennials creates a feeling of home and fits the ideal of green living that is in demand by the newest generation of homeowners. To talk more about the use of reclaimed wood in new construction or remodeling, contact us today.