December 21, 2019


Real reclaimed wood, it’s from Centennial Woods in Wyoming where winters are brutal. We love our beautiful home state and everything that comes with it. In fact, you could even say we’re proud of those brutal Wyoming winters.




Because they help produce some of the strongest, most durable, most consistent, most genuine people, wildlife, scenery, and reclaimed wood you’ll ever come across.


When you’re choosing materials for a project, especially an exterior project, do you ever stop to consider how those materials are going to look in five, ten, fifteen years? We can tell you one thing, the authentic reclaimed wood we process from snow fences in Wyoming is going to last, and it’s going to look great years down the road. Weathered naturally by the elements, our reclaimed wood is used to the harsh wind, cold, and other conditions that Mother Nature throws at it.


It’s dry, so it’s more stable.
It’s weathered, so it’s already acclimated to harsh conditions.
It’s manufactured naturally by Mother Nature, so it’s sustainable.
It’s real reclaimed wood, and every board has a unique story.

We regularly study projects from years ago to substantiate the longevity of our real reclaimed wood installations and find the performance in stability, aesthetics and overall performance to have exceeded not only our expectations but also those of the building owners and designers we serve.


When you want a quality, consistent, sustainable and authentic product that lasts, don’t settle for fake. Choose our real reclaimed wood–if it can weather a Wyoming winter, it can weather a building exterior for years to come.