February 24, 2020


Reclaimed wood has come into its own as a retail and commercial design element. Many franchises and restaurants are using panels made of barn wood, pallet wood, and even tiles that mimic the natural colors and grains of wood. Below are the reasons real reclaimed wood is a better option for both customers and employees.


Reclaimed wood is recognized as an environmentally friendly design element, as it has a second life of usage as an architectural finish. Recycled barn wood and pallet wood can be made into gorgeous wall panels and furniture, but these materials often come with some drawbacks.


  • Must be kiln-dried before being introduced to an indoor environment in order to kill insects and mold
  • Kiln-drying is an extremely energy-intensive process that negates the “green” aspects of this type of wood
  • No way to know if these boards were ever exposed to lead paint, chemical treatments, or are emitting VOCs
  • You can’t rely on the consistency of size, color, or dismensions


One particular issue with barn wood is that each individual installation will look different since not all barns are built with the same kind of wood or are aged in the same geographical region. Pallet wood has its own issues; it is either treated with or exposed to toxic chemicals during its first life as an industrial transport device.


Reclaimed snow fence wood from Wyoming overcomes the shortcomings of both pallet wood and barn wood. Recycled snow fence wood is naturally aged in the mountains and plains of Wyoming at high elevations – the extreme climate won’t allow for bugs or mold to survive. The dry climate in Wyoming means that reclaimed snow fence wood can skip the wasteful kiln-drying process. Additionally, snow fences are built using new, untreated lumber native to the Rocky Mountains, so there is no risk of exposure to chemicals or VOC off-gassing.


Centennial Woods™ builds, maintains, and recycles the snow fences that keep Wyoming roadways safe from snow drifts. This continual recycling process started in 1999 has created the largest source of sustainable reclaimed wood on Earth.

Our snow fence slats are made from untreated, high-altitude pine and are naturally aged between 5,000 and 9,000 feet above sea level. This ensures that our reclaimed wood is consistent in quality and appearance.

Businesses with multiple locations can use reclaimed snow fence planks to maintain a consistent branding element – the appearance of your separate locations will be the same whether the reclaimed snow fence wood is installed within the same month or 5 years down the road at different locations. Reclaimed snow fence wood from Centennial Woods™ is FSC® Recycled and contributes towards LEED points. Our wood also contributes to health certification programs like Fitwel® and WELL® V2, which meet rigorous testing for healthy indoor air quality.

Additionally, reclaimed wood is biophilic design element. Biophilia is the idea that humans crave exposure and contact with nature. Reclaimed wood brings the outside in, by showcasing natural colors and textures. Other examples of biophilic design elements are water features, plants, natural light, stone, scent, and air quality.


Biophilic design helps to increase positive emotions, productivity, and sales when incorporated into commercial environments. Employees who can enjoy looking at natural elements during the workday are less likely to become fatigued. Employees whose workspaces includes biophilic design elements call in sick 10% less than employees who work in a sterile workplace lacking natural design elements.


Biophilic elements like greenery, water features, and reclaimed wood create a calming effect in consumers by creating positive emotions conducive towards purchases. Biophilic retail environments also make shoppers want to spend more time in a retail space.


Reclaimed snow fence wood also contributes to better Indoor Air Quality as it is a naturally grown material that is extremely low in VOCs and chemical-free. Consistently clean and fresh air will subconsciously keep employees and customers in positive moods. Centennial Woods™ recycled snow fence wood is the first, non-engineered reclaimed wood in the world to be certified GREENGUARD Gold by UL as finish material that is low-emitting and contributes to improved Indoor Air Quality.

Centennial Woods™ has a consistent and steady supply of reclaimed wood that is similar in appearance year after year. We will supply your organization with the right amount of wood for one location or hundreds of locations. Learn more about our siding and paneling, or contact one of our designers at (307)742-3672.