March 22, 2017



Buyers seeking to purchase a new home are often faced with a conundrum: they want character but are leery of the challenges that can accompany an older home. From unstable foundations to outdated and sometimes dangerous electrical systems to faulty plumbing the risks can be high.

Consider utilizing reclaimed wood in a new build. While it’s easy for a contractor to incorporate character on the outside using a variety of materials like stone, wood and even metal, buyers are usually left with blank slate interiors. On the other hand you know your home is built to current codes and there usually won’t be any problems lurking in the walls.


There is usually an option to go fully custom with new builds, but if you find an already completed home consider adding post-construction character with reclaimed Wyoming snow fence from Centennial Woods™.


It is possible to have it all. You can have your new construction home with state of the art wiring, plumbing and environmentally friendly features. You can also take your home to the next level by incorporating some of the following ideas into your “cookie cutter” home and turning it into a custom work of art.


– Utilizing reclaimed Wyoming snowfence as crown molding, trim around doorways, wainscoting and in baseboard applications. While it is usually not possible to mill reclaimed wood into the fancy profiles common in typical molding, the character and unique colors of our reclaimed wood will be anything but flat and boring and will give you a look you probably haven’t seen anywhere else.


– Consider using reclaimed wood as a feature wall in a bathroom, bedroom or living area. Light furniture, such as a cream mansion style headboard or white leather sofa placed against a backdrop of rich naturally weathered wood is visually striking.


Shop Reclaimed Wood Planks for Walls and Ceilings


– If you are building, work with your contractor on finishes and have him skip the prefab, prefinished, typical flooring found in most homes and use Centennial Woods tongue and groove snowfence instead. You can further customize the look with your choice of finishes from wax to stain and polyurethane.


– If you have a tray ceiling consider lining the inset with reclaimed wood. This application is stunning and imbues a certain warmth that will carry much more visual impact than plain paint ever could.


– Have high or vaulted ceilings? Faux beams are a wonderful way to bring the height of the ceiling down enough to impart a sense of coziness without disturbing the airy feeling of the space.


– If you already have exposed beams but find them lacking in character you can have custom pieces milled to wrap your existing beams and bring instant warmth and character to your space.


At Centennial Woods™ we will work with you to help you achieve the look you’re dreaming of. Contact us today to explore your options!