Reclaimed Lumber
June 13, 2024

How to Purchase Wholesale Reclaimed Lumber From Centennial Woods

We’ve officially entered the busiest time of year for construction. If you’re looking for a cost-effective supplier for your upcoming projects, you may want to consider purchasing your wood wholesale from Centennial Woods.


As the world’s largest supplier of sustainable reclaimed wood, we offer more than precision-milled panels and planks. We also sell our raw product – the reclaimed lumber we maintain and recycle from Wyoming snow fences.


“We've become so well-known for our wall paneling,” Centennial Woods Marketing Manager Joe DeBaisio said, “we want to remind everyone that we supply reclaimed lumber for clients all over the world.”


If you’re not familiar with our reclaimed lumber product, this post will explain what it is, how it’s different from other reclaimed wood products, and how you can purchase it at wholesale pricing.

What is Reclaimed Lumber?

Reclaimed lumber is naturally weathered wood that’s recycled after serving an initial purpose. That wood can be milled to create finished paneling, trim, or siding planks, but our lumber is a raw product that’s delivered as is, ready to be used for your projects.


We source our reclaimed lumber from Wyoming snow fences that protect roadways and ensure safe travel in the winter. The harsh climate conditions in the Rocky Mountains naturally weather the wood slats on the fences for up to 10 years before they’re removed and replaced.


Unlike our other products, reclaimed lumber typically isn’t milled or finished after it’s removed from the snow fence. However, those options are available by request.

Dozens of stacks of reclaimed wood boards in the Centennial Woods' yard in autumn.

Why Buy Reclaimed Lumber from Centennial Woods?

At Centennial Woods, all of our product comes from the same source – an unlimited supply of snow fence wood we maintain, reclaim, and replace. This means we can supply any size project and offer some of the shortest lead times in the industry.


Getting products from a supplier that sources wood from places like old barns typically involves a much longer wait because they tear the buildings down one at a time. Reclaimed barn wood also varies in size, color, and quantity. But since all of our wood comes from the same source, it’s always consistent – even between orders.


Purchasing your supplies from Centennial Woods could also save you money. We offer wholesale pricing on bulk orders placed by professionals, which can be more cost-effective than purchasing from a lumber yard.

What Can Reclaimed Lumber Be Used For?

Reclaimed lumber can be used for a wide variety of construction or interior design projects – both commercial and residential. It can also be used to build furniture, cabinetry, and other accents.


Because lumber from Centennial Woods is naturally weathered, it’s safe to use for both interior and exterior projects. Our snow fence wood also has a low moisture content, so it’s uninhabitable for insects and has never been exposed to chemicals, animal waste, or other toxins.

Who Can Purchase Reclaimed Lumber?

Our reclaimed lumber is available at wholesale prices for builders, distributors, and similar professionals.


Lumber Yards & Wholesalers
Reclaimed lumber is available for lumber yards and other distributors to sell to their customers.


Sawmills & Manufacturers
Sawmills, manufacturers, and other woodworking facilities can purchase our raw product with or without nails to mill and resell.


Builders, Millworkers & Contractors
We can supply the lumber you need for any professional exterior or interior projects, regardless of size.

A forklift stacking bunks of reclaimed wood at the Centennial Woods yard in Laramie, WY.

How to Purchase Reclaimed Wood from Centennial Woods

Professionals who are interested in purchasing our raw product can learn more about sizing and other options on our reclaimed lumber page. If you’re ready to start ordering, you can do so by filling out the contact form on that page or by calling our team at (307) 742-3672.


Our reclaimed lumber is also available in some lumber yards if you prefer to purchase it in person. Contact your local lumber yard directly or give us a call to find out if our product is available near you.