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We create our custom reclaimed wood boards by milling off the front and backsides of our recyled snow fence planks. We then saw the boards to either 4" or 5" face widths at a 1/4" consistent thickness for our wall and ceiling planks. We also custom mill reclaimed wood boards for walls, ceilings, floors, doors, shelving, and furniture for installation into residential or commercial spaces. Contact or call us at 307-742-3672 to see how we can help to bring your vision into reality. Pricing is based on square footage and we're happy to give you tips on how to best install the reclaimed wood based on your project and regional climate.

Project Portfolios

Reclaimed Wood Finish Options

Centennial Woods' finishes bring out the reclaimed wood textures.

We have plenty of finish options to choose from. Some unique finishes come from natural aging, some from light sanding, and many result from the years of experience of our in-house craftsmen. Learn more about our available reclaimed wood finishes.

Reclaimed Wood from Snow Fences

Learn more about how Centennial Woods is able to continually reclaim lumber aged in the plains and mountains of Wyoming.