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Nickel Gap Shiplap Boards - New or Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood Planks Available in 8 Custom Finishes

reclaimed nickel gap shiplap boards for interior walls with a built-in gap between boards.

Nickel Gap Shiplap is often mistaken for regular shiplap. In fact some folks install shiplap using spacers to achieve the nickel gap look. Nickel Gap shiplap is milled just like shiplap only one of the rabbeted edges is milled longer than the other. This creates a gap between the boards of 1/8", which is approximately the thickness of a nickel. Nickel gap shiplap can be used for both horizontal and vertical applications.


• 3/8 Inches Thick
•4.5 Inches Wide
•Consistent Dimensions
•FSC® 100% Recycled and SFI® Certified
•Professionally Milled
•Carbon-Negative Product
•Available In a Variety of Colors and Finishes

Nickel Gap boards come in 4', 6', or 8' lengths based on availability. These reclaimed wood boards contribute towards satisfying credits MR3, MR4, and MR5 under LEED®.


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For every bundle of reclaimed wood sold by Centennial Woods a seedling will be donated to the US Forest Services' Plant-A-Tree Program.

Centennial Woods is participating in the USDA Forest Service’s Plant-a-tree Program to help reforest public areas that have suffered from drought, flood, fire, or infestations. The Forest Service accepts donations which are earmarked for planting seedlings in our National Forests wherever they are needed across the USA.

For every 15 square foot bundle of reclaimed nickel gap sold we will donate one seedling to the Forest Service’s pdrogram. So far we have donated over 500 seedling trees, enough to cover nearly 2 acres (approximately 300 seedlings cover one acre). We hope to help keep our forest’s healthy by helping to reforest areas that have been hit the hardest.

If you wish to donate directly to the program you can find more information here.