A collection about accent wall ideas using paint, wood, glass tiles, fabric, mirrors, and wallpaper. While gathering inspiration images for our new reclaimed wood subway tiles we did a ton of research about accent wall trends for 2021. Enjoy the fruits of our research and update that boring wall in your living room, home office, bedroom, or TV room!

Painted Accent Walls

Painted accent walls.

2021 Paint Color Trends

Featuring colors that are calming but not boring for feature walls:

  • Blue-Greens
  • Earthtones
  • Beige
Accent wall with textured paint.

create texture

Explore 5 different painting techniques:

  • Concrete
  • Suede
  • Chalk
  • Metals
Mural accent wall.


the story behind a DIY wall mural:

Starting with a base hue inspired by Sherwin Williams’ Color of the Year Stefani created a custom mural with floral patterns reminiscent of Georgia O’Keefe.

Try accent doors instead of an accent wall.

Ditch the Walls, Do Your Doors

Painting your doors instead of a wall can make quite a visual statement. And by painting less surface area you can save money on paint.

Accent walls and chosen colors meanings.

Colors with Meaning

The most popular colors for accent walls and the meanings behind them according to color psychology.

Accent wall paint color ideas.

For the Living Room

17 paint ideas with descriptions of how they alter the mood and temperature rooms:

  • Colors
  • Using Black
  • Accenting a Recessed Area

wallpaper & wall coverings

Geometric patterned wallpaper.

A Wallpaper for Every Season

34 affordable removable wallpaper examples ranging from geometric patterns, florals, and abstracts.

Wallpaper samples.

An Economical Stunner

Use samples to create a DIY custom patterned wall. One-of-a-kind feature wall altering materials that are usually thrown away.

Accent wall using faux wood veneer.

Vinyl Isn’t Just for Your Ears

modern vinyl wall coverings for easy cleaning and high-end looks:

  • Textured
  • Accoustical
  • Anti-microbial
  • Patterns, and More
Wallpaper for living rooms.

Living Room Specific

9 ideas for living rooms. How to create a mood, use colors, patterns, textures, and contrasts to bring your living room to life. Not limited to walls.

bedroom accent wall wallpaper.

Wallpaper Trends from Across the Pond

8 Ideas as seen on Instagram from the UK including 3D patterns, florals, geometric patterns, abstracts, and scenics.

woodEN accent walls

Create wall patterns using wood strips.

Plaid Anyone?

Create geometric patterns on boring, plain walls using ½ inch wood strips and a lot of patience.

Geometric wood wall, photo from Darren Keefe's Instagram.

Wood on Wood

Another wall with abstract geometric shapes made from wood strips from the Darren Keefe Instagram page. Check out what he and the rest of the HGTV’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition design team did with Centennial Woods’ reclaimed wood planks here.

Accent wall using wood slats.

Fun with Wood

17 ways to make a wood accent wall describing source materials, wood types, and fun twists including peel-and-stick, pallets, strips, flooring, and salvaged wood.

Reclaimed wood accent wall idea.

Recycled Wyoming Snow Fence Wood

 15 ideas of mostly interior ideas using reclaimed wood on walls (and ceilings.) If you’re looking for an enviornmentally friendly and sustainable wood wall, recycled Wyoming snow fence boards are hard to beat. You can learn how to install a reclaimed wood wall here from ShesTheCarpenter.

Mirrored accent walls

Accent wall using mirrors.

The illusion of Space

A relatively cheap and time-tested way to increase the size of your room. Items needed:

  • Square Mirrors
  • Adhesive
  • Glass Cutter
  • Windex

accent walls made with photographs

large format photo on a feature wall.

Photo Murals

26 examples to cover complete walls for a stunning effect, examples include:

  • Nature Scenes
  • Floral Shots
  • Statement Photos
Use your photographs to create an accent wall.

To Frame or Not to Frame

34 ideas to create an accent wall using both framed and unframed photographs. Ideas include creating rows/columns, using foam board/old windows, and creating timelines.

Mosaic Accent Walls

Glass tiles used to create an accent wall.

Walls with a Heart of Glass

We ran across glass tile mosaics by Alison Eden on Linkedin of all places. Her profile showcases her fun and vibrant work and we look forward to seeing her posts while on the platform. Check her our if you’d like to contract the studio for a custom piece as work like this is definitely not for amateurs!

Fabric accent walls

Use designer fabric to create an accent wall.

DIY Fabric Wallpaper

A how to guide on using your favorite fabric instead of wallpaper. Installation steps include:

  • Measuring & Marking the Wall
  • Trimming & Cutting
  • Applying Adhesive (Firm yet Removable)
Accent wall made using fabric.

Fabric for Every Room and Mood

27 ideas using fabric that can be installed relatively quickly and also act as sound-proofing. Ideas include textures, patterns, handwriting, tropical patterns, and using remnants to create a patchwork.