Reclaimed Lumber for Interior Designers, Builders, Architects, Business Owners, and Homeowners




The preservation and conservation of our natural resources has become an important aspect of many people’s and businesses’ lives. Many of us are striving for a more earth-friendly approach to building furniture, homes, and buildings increasing the popularity of reclaimed wood.

Wyoming snow fences are made with wooden planks which are installed to control where the snow drifts settle during snowstorms. They are useful in protecting roads, interstates, and highways during winter months. Additionally, these snow fences also help create drifts for basins that will melt in the spring, creating awater supply for livestock and agriculture.

The old wooden slats of the snow fences used to be burned or sent to the dump after a decade or so. Fortunately, Centennial Woods partnered with different governmental bodies in Wyoming in 1999. Centennial woods now builds, maintains, and reclaimes snow fence wood at no cost to the taxpayers. Here are some of the advantages of reclaimed snow fence wood compared to barn wood and pallet wood:

No Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Due to the altitude and low humidity of the region, wooden panels used as snow fences are perfectly dried by the sun and wind. This natural drying process bypasses the energy intensive need for kiln drying.

No Bugs

Reclaimed wood from Wyoming snow fences has aged in an arid, windy environment at high altitude, often over 7,000 feet above sea level, for a decade or so. Insects are unable to survive in this environment.

No Chemicals

Most wood is treated with chemicals to keep it from rotting or having a bug infestation. Snow fences are already perfectly dried by the sun and Wyoming’s weather. There is no need to treat these wooden planks, they are naturally safe to bring into your home. Unlike barnwood, reclaimed Wyoming snow fence wood has no odors, chemicals, or toxins.

Natural Weathered Look

If you’re looking for a natural, rustic look on your wood, snow fence wood is often mistaken for barn wood. This wooden is aged anywhere between 7 to 15 years by the sunlight, snow, wind and rain. They may also have unique characterisitics like saw marks, knots, knotholes, nailheads, nail holes, scratch marks, and bullet holes. This reclaimed wood can vary in color from gray to silver to brown to blonde to cinnamon.


Reclaimed wood from Wyoming snow fence is used inside and out of both residential and commercial projects. You may have seen this wood at commercial spaces like Starbucks, Taco Bell, Boot Barn, Shake Shack, or at Blake Shelton’s Ole Red music venue in Tishomingo.

At Centennial Woods, snow fences are re-purposed to serve as lumber for various uses in home construction. Reclaimed wood from Wyoming snow fences make the best, and most sensible type of reclaimed lumber to use for your next construction project.