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Barn Wood Milled From Recycled Snow Fences

Centennial Woods® sells reclaimed wood sourced from recycled Wyoming snow fences. Get the barn wood and pallet wood look without the risk of insects or chemical contamination. Reclaimed Wyoming snow fence wood is used on walls, ceilings, beam wraps, fireplace surrounds, and as exterior siding on commercial and residential projects. Our reclaimed wood is a favored design element among homeowners, architects, interior designers, home builders, restaurant owners, and construction firms. Buy reclaimed wood paneling, shelves, and interior samples or exterior samples online. Order weathered boards for siding and exteriors by phone at (307) 745-3672 Monday through Friday during business hours.



Centennial Woods
Buy reclaimed wood precision milled by Centennial Woods.

Reclaimed snow fence wood has never been exposed to chemical treatments or lead paint. It is naturally aged and gives off no harmful VOCs. Unlike barn wood, when you buy reclaimed wood from Centennial Woods® it requires no kiln drying to rid it of insects because it only has a 4 – 8 percent moisture level. 

Buy reclaimed wood paneling for ceilings or walls from Centennial Woods.

Our wood is carbon-negative due to the fact it doesn’t need an energy-intensive kiln process. Centennial Woods’ reclaimed wood products contribute toward satisfying Credits MR3, MR4 and MR5 (depending on your location), making your project eligible for LEED® points. We maintain the largest source of sustainable reclaimed wood in the world, so we can deliver a consistent product every season, year after year.


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Centennial-Seal™ is our water-based multi-surface sealant for reclaimed wood and other surfaces. Dries completely clear and will not change the appearance of material


One Gallon Covers Approximately
200 – 300 Square Feet

Water-based, multi-surface concentrate that is non-toxic, has zero VOCs, is UV stable, and eco-friendly. Centennial-Seal™ contains no solvents or harmful chemicals and does not have any health or safety hazards associated with current
products. Our breakthrough micro-particle formula penetrates deep beneath surfaces, creating a non-filming finish without altering color or appearance.

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