November 1, 2023

Christmas Decor Ideas:
How to Decorate a Wall for Christmas

Prepare Your Home for the Holidays With These Tips from Centennial Woods

Are you ready to turn your home into a winter wonderland for the holidays? If so, you’ve come to the right place!


Whether you’re looking for holiday wall decor inspiration, ideas on how to decorate for Christmas without a tree, or DIY project ideas to freshen up your home before celebrations begin, Centennial Woods has you covered!


First, here are five Christmas wall decor ideas to help you dress up any wall in your home.


1. Christmas Wall Art

One of the easiest ways to decorate your wall is with Christmas wall art. It’s easy to find in stores, is usually cost-effective, and is super easy to hang on your wall. Just make sure you use finish nails so you don’t leave a hole behind.


The other great thing about this option is the possibilities are really endless. With so many different kinds of wall art available, you can mix and match to create a completely versatile and custom wall.


Some common options found in stores include Christmas canvas wall art, framed wall art, or wall decals. A few of our favorite places to look for Christmas wall art include Lily & Val, Great Big Canvas, and Montana Gift Corral.  


For a more personal touch, you can use vintage Christmas wall art you may have inherited from your family or kept from when you were younger. You can also choose some of your favorite family Christmas photos and frame those for your wall.


Christmas signs are also common wall decorations and are great for adding some rustic charm to the room. (They look even better on a rustic reclaimed wood accent wall!)


2. Wall Hangings

Christmas wall hangings can sometimes be confused with Christmas wall art. However, this is a broader category of decor that includes tapestries, banners, quilts, and more.


Like the other decor options, Christmas wall hangings can be mixed and matched to fit the aesthetic you’re looking for. You can display one large hanging decoration, like a Christmas tapestry or a Christmas quilt wall hanging, or can put up several smaller decorations like Christmas banners and a Christmas countdown wall hanging.


Stockings can also be hung on the wall as decor using a Christmas stocking wall hanger, but keep in mind it’s best to only hang them when they’re empty. Once stockings are full, they’ll be too heavy for the wall hanger.


If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your wall, you can display the Christmas cards you receive from friends and family on a Christmas card holder wall hanging. It’s a great reminder of what really matters during the holidays. Plus, if you’re hosting any Christmas celebrations, people will have fun looking for their cards on your wall!


Here are some of our top picks for Christmas wall hangings:


3. Wreaths, Garland, & Swag

Another common, and easily customizable, decoration option is hanging Christmas wall garlands, wreaths, and swag. Similar to Christmas wall art, these decorations are easy to find in stores and easy to hang.


You can hang your favorite wreaths to make a Christmas wreath wall, make a garland Christmas tree design on your wall, or mix and match all three kinds of greenery.


If you want to add a DIY element to this decor option, you can buy plain wreaths, garland, or swag and decorate them yourself with ornaments, ribbons, and more. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can go out and find your own greens that you can turn into garland, swag, or a wreath.


Hanging greenery is also an easy way to add rustic charm to your wall (and the green looks great on our Centennial Woods reclaimed wood finishes.)


Here are some of our top picks for greenery:


4. DIY Christmas Decorations

If you’re in the mood for some Christmas crafting, DIY Christmas wall decor is an easy way to personalize your decorations. You can decorate your wall with all DIY decor or use some of your own creations to sprinkle in with some of the other decorations.


DIY Christmas wall decorations are also a great way for families to spend quality time together, make some fun Christmas crafts, and create decorations that can be saved and used for years to come.


You can get creative by using things like candy canes, ribbons, greenery, and even lights to make your own wall decorations, ornaments, or displays.

Easier, kid-friendly DIY decorations you can make and hang on the wall include paper snowflakes, garlands made out of paper chains, wooden trees, and paper Christmas trees.

5. Decorate for Christmas Without a Tree: Hang Lights & Ornaments on Your Wall

Christmas trees are often the center of attention when it comes to decorations, but they don’t have to be! Whether you don’t want to deal with the mess or don’t have room for a tree, these decor options will help you figure out how to decorate for Christmas without a tree.


Hang Christmas lights on your wall


Just because you don’t have a tree doesn’t mean you can’t hang lights! You can use adhesive clips like Command strips or use finish nails to hang your favorite Christmas tree lights on your wall without risking any damage.


There are plenty of options when it comes to hanging your Christmas lights on the wall. You can outline the wall by hanging lights around the edges and toward the ceiling or you can use the lights to outline specific wall art or decor you want to highlight.


You can also use lights to make designs on your wall. For example, you can hang and shape them to make a Christmas tree on your wall with lights.


Hang Christmas ornaments on your wall


Just like with lights, you can use Command strips or finish nails to hang your favorite Christmas ornaments on the wall.


Whether you want to just sprinkle in a few ornaments here and there on your wall or create a full Christmas ornament wall display, this is a great way to display Christmas tree decorations without a tree.


If you need an added benefit, the hooks you’ll use to hang your ornaments are a lot stronger than most tree branches. That means you don’t have to forego any ornaments that may be too heavy for the Christmas tree.


Want to Go Above and Beyond? Here are Some Easy Home Renovation Projects You Can Get Done Before the Holidays

If you have some extra time on your hands between now and the holidays and really want to impress your family and friends at this year’s celebration, you can go above and beyond and tackle a home renovation project.


Here are some easy home renovations with reclaimed wood that will help you refresh your space for the holiday season:

Install an Accent Wall


Installing a reclaimed wood accent wall isn’t as daunting as it may sound, and is a surefire way to impress your loved ones this Christmas.


If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out our list of reclaimed wood ideas or browse our interior wood planks to see which finish you think would fit your home best.


Ready to install? Follow our step-by-step reclaimed wood wall installation guide!

Add Reclaimed Wood Siding


Really want to go all out? Refresh the exterior of your home with reclaimed wood siding. It’s a heavier lift than an interior accent wall but the results are worth it.


Our Cody finish looks great in this winter wonderland!

Check out our list of 19 wood accents for your house exterior for some more ideas.

Build (or Buy) Reclaimed Wood Accent Pieces


If you don’t want to commit to a full accent wall or exterior siding accent, you can still add rustic charm to your home for the holidays with smaller-scale reclaimed wood projects.


Reclaimed wood can be used to make shelves, headboards, mantels, and more!

Happy Holidays from Centennial Woods!

We hope this helped you find some inspiration on how to refresh your home and make it as cozy as possible this holiday season.


As always, if you have any questions about a reclaimed wood project, don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts!


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