June 4, 2018


Many global brands use Centennial Woods’ reclaimed wood due to our unique aesthetic, product consistency, and the durability and longevity of our reclaimed wood. From the Starbucks on the corner to the breakfast bar in your friend’s home, it’s fun to see all the different applications where our reclaimed wood is used.


Sometimes, we’re pleasantly surprised when we spot our products being featured in global brands’ marketing efforts. A prime example is this Audi commercial from 2006–cool car, cool advertising, cool architecture in the background (hint, hint). It just goes to show that the reclaimed wood trend is loved and utilized all around the world, and it isn’t going anywhere!


See if you can spot the Centennial Woods reclaimed wood in the video (hint: look at the siding of the building):

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We regularly study projects from years ago to substantiate the longevity of our real reclaimed wood installations and find the performance in stability, aesthetics and overall performance to have exceeded not only our expectations but also those of the building owners and designers we serve.


When you want a quality, consistent, sustainable and authentic product that lasts, don’t settle for fake. Choose our real reclaimed wood–if it can weather a Wyoming winter, it can weather a building exterior for years to come.